Creative and Memorable Logo Samples to Inspire You

Logos are one of the basic yet necessary elements of a business branding. Every brand looks forward to having the most creative logos that can grab user attention and advocate brand loyalty. 

The potential of the logo can be understood with the aspect that it can devastate the brand image if done in the wrong way. It is where most companies lack and tend to take the logo design casually. One wrong decision with the logo design online can devastate the core objective and expectation with the branding. 

However, not all business or brand owners can create a compelling logo design. Some might not excel in the creative aspects or miss the knowledge or resources. To make it more simple, we have curated some of the best-designed creative logos for your inspiration. You can even read out some of the effective tips to get started with the logo design for your brand. 

Some Practical Logo Design Online Tips To Consider

#1. Craft a memorable logo design online

The best approach to make your product long-lasting in the user’s mind is to develop something unique. While most businesses and logo designers tend to copy from renowned logos, you should be focusing on creative and unique custom logo design. 

Check the example of the Iron duck logo of the clothing brand. It has a duck along with the clothes hanger. It shows the uniqueness in the logo design along with clarifying what the company exactly does. 

#2. Use the image that matches the business subject

When it comes to imparting the best-meaning images/pictures overpower the words. Images come with connotations as well and can cater to the styling standards as well. If you’re not sure about the worth of effective and creative logos with connotations, check out Data Berry’s logo. The minimalist image is having the perfect blend of organic and technology-related concepts. 

#3. Try an image within the image

Are you trying to make a unique free logo design that stands out in the market? It is the best tip to proceed with the image within an image. Check my Dog’s logo for instance. It shows the individual taking a photo but the style makes sure it looks like a dog. The trick is to check all available images at your end and start experimenting with them to achieve the ease of image within the image.  

#4 Showcase your product’s purpose.

The great use of a logo begins with providing a brief idea about the product from the logo design online. Check the example of the mover’s logo. It showcases a hand picking up a house and depicts that they help with moving homes. 

#5. Convert your logo into a GIF

An animated logo is a key to attracting users’ attention with minimal effort. A static image doesn’t work everywhere and that’s why you need to go for a logo GIF. Enough motion in the custom logo design can be eye-catching for anyone who is searching for a similar brand. 

However, the logo designer should try to keep minimal motion as too much extra animation can lead to adverse impacts. Consider the Rain Wine logo for example which showcases the rain animation with the image of a wine bottle. It is creative and caters to the viewer’s expectations and mindset as well. 

#6. Create majority of animated versions

If you create a series of animated creative logos it can be suitable for various contexts. These are a suitable alternative to standard logos and are highly preferred as well. You can take the example of Fubiz. 

The company logo has several animation options that make it more memorable and entertaining for customers. Adding animation logotypes can facilitate the interaction level between the business and customers. 

#7. Try to do more with less.

A simple logo design can provide a lot of mileage to the brand. Often creative logos are misunderstood as ones having too many mixed designs. For instance, the Boundary logo has its name as the logo. 

The simple logo has a bright line curving through the name. It looks highly effective and the idea is to showcase the boundary with the line. The designer of the logo is also confident about the logo serving the purpose.  

#8. Use your product in the text

One other way is to design an appealing free logo design with the use of products in between the text. There are countless ways to use the product in the text name. It can be an interesting thing for the customers as well. 

One such example includes the guitar symbol with the help of “I” and “S” of Guitar Studio. The logo designer can play around with the fonts and craft various designs with images and text. 

#9. Use visual metaphors.

The use of visual metaphors in the design of the creative logo can serve to create long-lasting memories and meanings. It can create a top-class brand image among the customers. Check out the logo of Immanuel Lutheran Church as it showcases the minimalist design of a tree. It seamlessly blends in the concept of life and the Christian cross. 

#10. Use negative spaces in the logo

One interesting and appealing way to create a logo is to make the best use of negative space. While crafting the logo design online, the logo designer should be able to use the distance between the images in an effective manner. 

Check out the reference of Rocket Golf which has the image of the rocket with the sheer representation of uniqueness. The designer has used the flexibility to play around and add interesting effects. The logo style can achieve more instead of simple images. 

#11. Relate it to your name.

Oftentimes you don’t need an image of the logo that fits relatively with the product. You can even add an image that goes well with the brand name. Check the example of Freelancer that uses a lancer logo icon along with the name. It allows the custom logo design to create memorable even if it doesn’t relate directly to the service. 

#12. Choose the right font and typography

Creating the logo with a similar style of image and text and blending in more capability in the logo design. Check one of the creative logos I.e. Quick Fish that has a free-flow simple design with a similar standard in both text and image.   

#13. Fit the logo to the product.

While designing the perfect free logo design online, make sure to fit the logo with the product. Try to keep the product and logo theme similar to each other. Shine a Light is a comprehensive example of the best logo matching the product’s appearance. The image in this logo looks highly professional and even brings kid-like elements to impart more focus. 

Wrap Up

There are countless ways to design creative logos that can facilitate a fun and memorable experience. The unique design can express the purpose and product of the brand. Try experimenting with the logo and check what all things work out for you. We hope that the above-shared tips and tricks prove valuable to you. 

If you wish to create an effective logo design online without any hassle, check out the Designhill logo maker. Browse various available logo templates and customize and adapt them as per the look and feel.

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