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Scholz calls for ceasefire

Ankara (dpa) – German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have jointly called for a ceasefire in the war in Ukraine. “We are in complete agreement that there must be a ceasefire as soon as possible,” Scholz said on Monday during his inaugural visit to Turkey. Safe corridors for civilians must also be provided immediately, he added. Erdogan stressed: “We will steadfastly continue our efforts to achieve a permanent ceasefire.” He said they agreed that diplomatic efforts must continue.

Together, Scholz and Erdogan appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin to “stop now.” Scholz said it was clear that “every day, every bomb, is pushing Russia further away from our global community.” Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are beyond question, he said.

Turkey has established itself as a mediator in the Ukraine conflict. A Nato member, Turkey has close relations with Ukraine and Russia, as it borders both countries on the Black Sea. On Thursday, the foreign ministers of Ukraine and Russia, Dmytro Kuleba and Sergei Lavrov, met in the southern Turkish seaside resort of Antalya. The talks remained largely inconclusive. However, the fact that they took place at all was seen as a diplomatic success, not only by Turkey itself, but also by Western allies.

Scholz is also attempting to mediate in the Ukraine war alongside French President Emmanuel Macron. Recently, the two leaders spoke with Russian President Putin twice within three days. In a 75-minute telephone conversation on Saturday, they urged an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and a move towards a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

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