VoteFromAbroad Talks with American Voters in Marienplatz

Vote From Abroad Munich table in Marienplatz. From left, Heather Storm, Emily Froemel, and Candice Kerestan –munichFOTO
Munich — (MunichNOW News) — On a sunny Bavarian Saturday afternoon, the local team from answered questions and passed out information on how to register and vote in the coming November 3 American presidential election.
There are as many as 8 million Americans living outside of America and of these more than 3 million are eligible to vote in U.S. national elections. In an effort to reach these voters, groups like have been running massive educational efforts and voter registration drives around the world to add these voters to the registration rolls.
Talking to Americans about registering and voting — munichFOTO
The VFA table in Munich today was but one of 28 such tables in 28 cities, towns, and villages all over Germany today. This will continue on Saturdays right through until shortly before the election.
Democrats Abroad Chair Candice Kerestan noted that there has been a significant increase in voter registrations as more people begin tuning in on the coming election as summer winds down and life returns somewhat to normal even with the continuing Covid-19 restrictions. “We are doing as much voter support as we are first registrations now. Helping voters confirm their registrations and actually getting and voting their ballots”, she added.
DA Chair Candice Kerestan explains how the registration and voting process works — munichFOTO
VFA volunteer Heather Storm is still seeing Americans that are surprised they can vote while living here. “They all seem so pleased that we are here to help them through the process so they can participate in their home elections. Most feel a real sense of urgency to participate in the November 3rd election”, she remarked.
Sarah Carr, Candice Kerestan, and Heather Storm in Munich’s Marienplatz as part of’s voter registration drive — munichFOTO
“Many people I have talked to have lived here for a long time without paying much attention to U.S. life or politics, maybe more German now than American. However the current situation in the States has brought many that formerly lived “under the radar” here into a more active role. They want to vote and really appreciate our help in getting process started,” said volunteer Emily Froemel.
U.S. citizens can go to to find everything about voting in the coming election. From finding out if you are already registered, registering for the first time, receiving your ballot, and any other voting issue – can answer all of these questions.
For a complete overview of the registration and voting process written by DA Chair Keratan, go here.

Register and Vote! — munichFOTO

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