Burgrill Gives A Healthier Makeover To Our Favourite Burgers, Subs And More

Bringing to the table a hearty, healthy alternative, Burgrill is an eatery serving mouth-watering gourmet burgers minus the guilt. Burgrill is offering an extensive-satiating selection of burgers, healthy bowls, wraps, subs, beverages, and more. Fresh ingredients including vegetables, whole chicken breasts, brown buns, make these burgers a healthier choice. Launched in 2016, by founders Ankur Madan, Rajat Bawa and Shreh Madan who realised gourmet burgers were limited to the high-end luxe places in metro cities and were predominantly fatty and unhealthy. Ever since, Burgrill has launched over 30+ outlets in more than 15+ cities in India, offering affordable, nutritious burgers, salads, subs, side dishes and beverages. I tried their Green Meat Pounder and Chicken Quarter Pounder –  brown burger buns stuffed with dense patties along with veggies for extra flavours. Both, veg and non-veg pounders were great in taste. Meaty Mighty Salad: a meal in itself; this dish is prepared with three types of grilled chicken, fresh vegetables and an assortment of sauces and more. This filling salad is extremely satiating with mild but fresh flavours from all the ingredients. BBQ Pulled Chicken Subwich – slow-cooked tender BBQ chicken with tangy sauces, cheese and veggies prepared on multigrain bread – is also a must-try. As the name suggests, African Peri-Peri Fries is for those who like their food extremely spicy. Not just the food, the beverages also impressed by taste buds. The Frappes are a must-try. Joining hands with Greenest Foods to introduce a Plant-based meat burger in Delhi NCR, Burgrill became the first homegrown QSR Chain to introduce plant-based meat burgers for their patrons in India. The patty ingredients consist of isolated soy protein, chickpea protein and a blend of plant-based fibers, and much more to replicate its aroma and taste of chicken. Try Green half-pounder and Green quarter pounder to experience it. 

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