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Gujarat: 10 cholera cases in Vadodara, seven from same locality

The Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) on Wednesday detected 10 confirmed cases of cholera, taking the total tally to 76 this year — the highest in the last three years.
The VMC health department is also awaiting the stool culture report of a patient, who died on December 17 due to acute diarrhoea. Of the 10 cases, one case each was reported in Maneja, Navapura, and Fatehpura while seven cases were reported from the Harijanvaas area of Juni Gadi in the old city area of Vadodara.
VMC epidemiologist Dr Piyush Patel said, “It can be said that this particular neighbourhood is cholera-affected as multiple positive cases were detected together.”
A formal notification stating the same is yet to be issued by the civic body. Patel added that the death of a senior citizen from Juni Gadi December 17 in SSG hospital is yet to be confirmed as a case of Cholera.  “We are yet to receive the stool culture reports of the patient. She had been admitted with acute diarrhea and vomiting and had more than 20 episodes within 24 hours, leading to death,” Patel told The Indian Express.

The VMC health teams had surveyed the area following the death, although residents had been complaining of contaminated water for several weeks.
A senior official of the VMC said, “The engineering department has undertaken the work of repairing a fault that has caused the water supply network to be contaminated by the drainage line running parallel.”
VMC had reported six cases of cholera in 2017, 102 in 2018, 67 in 2019 and one case in 2020.

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