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Speaker urged to enforce discipline

Leaders in the Assembly cutting across political affiliations on Wednesday urged Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri to take tough steps to ensure that members adhere to norms related to discipline as well as rules while participating in debates in the House.The leaders expressed concern that the House had not taken up any constructive and quality debate on major issues for a long time because of failure by members to adhere to norms related to rules of procedure.The issue came up for discussion in the House when members indulged in a lengthy debate during the zero hour much against the rules of procedure.Raising the issue, the former Speaker K.R. Ramesh Kumar observed that members were not adhering to norms related to debate under various clauses in the House. They were even reluctant to attend any workshop or orientation sessions, he said.Endorsing his views, the Speaker warned the members that the next generation would not pardon them if they continued to behave in anarchic manner in the House. Law Minister J.C. Madhuswamy too wondered whether it would be possible for the House to take up serious debates if its members did not follow disciplinary norms.But taking serious exception to the Speaker and the Law Minister expressing their helplessness, the former Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa maintained that their failure to act sternly against members who violate disciplinary norms was to be blamed for anarchy in the House.CM promises to increase session duration in futureChief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Wednesday assured the Legislative Assembly of increasing the number of days of legislature session in the coming days. Responding positively to the demand for increasing the duration of the session, the Chief Minister said he would take steps to increase the number of days of sitting.

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