Taking Hippocratic Oath long-standing practice, should not be abruptly stopped: TMC MP Santanu Sen

TMC MP Dr Santanu Sen speaks to Kaunain Sheriff M on the National Medical Commission’s proposal of replacing the Hippocratic Oath with Charak Shapath.

Why did you raise the demand for giving the option of the Hippocratic Oath for doctors?

I raised this issue because there was a lot of confusion within the medical fraternity after the National Medical Commission made a suggestion that the Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors during their graduation ceremony should be replaced by a ‘Charak Shapath’. Taking the oath is a long-standing practice and should not be abruptly stopped.
You are part of various official forums of the medical fraternity. Did you also discuss it with NMC?
Yes. Before raising it in Parliament, I spoke to the chairman of the NMC as well as the president of the medical education board of the NMC. Both did not have a clear answer to the proposal. Later, the IMA said the proposal of replacing the Hippocratic Oath with Charak Shapath was ill-advised.

In your view, why did the proposal trigger a controversy?
For quite a long time, MBBS doctors have been fighting against the menace of mixopathy. But as IMA has said, this (decision to replace the Hippocratic Oath) was perceived as an attempt to promote mixopathy. The medical system cannot be politicized.

What is your view on the proposal to replace the Hippocratic Oath with the Charak Shapath?

First, Ayurveda doctors should continue their tradition — and take Charak Shapath. For MBBS students, it should be kept optional. My personal view is that nothing should be forcefully enforced. Both can co-exist.
Have you got an assurance the government will not make Charak Shapath mandatory?
Yes. The Health Minister said that nothing will be forced. That taking Charak Shapath will be optional.

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