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Tamil Nadu government launches CM Dashboard

The Tamil Nadu government on Thursday launched the CM Dashboard monitoring system that will enable Chief Minister M K Stalin to get real-time information on important matters including rainfall patterns, water storage levels in reservoirs and health-related among others.
MK Stalin launched the dashboard in Chennai, an official release said.

“Understanding the need for real-time information, proper monitoring, increased efficiency of government, cutting down of delays and taking prompt decisions, he had already directed a team to prepare dashboards that would achieve the requirements listed above,” it said.

The Honourable Chief Minister @mkstalin launched the CM Dashboard monitoring system.#CMDASHBOARD
— CMOTamilNadu (@CMOTamilnadu) December 23, 2021

The dashboards released on Thursday in the first batch cover water storage levels of all key reservoirs in the state and status of water availability as on date, rainfall patterns, current employment trends to indicate the status of the economy and daily police report of major crimes in the state with reference to the districts that require more attention.

“This is only the first batch of dashboards and on a weekly basis more dashboards will be added and provided to enable the Chief Minister to have full knowledge and coordinative control of the functioning of all departments,” the release added.
Minister for Water Resources Durai Murugan and IT Minister Mano Thangaraj among others were present for the launch event.

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