‘Why are Indians presented only as villains?’: Jeet Rama unhappy with WWE’s booking

Former WWE Superstar Jeet Rama believes that the pro-wrestling company suffers from a bias against Indians and does not portray his countrymen in a positive light. Stating his unhappiness with how Indian wrestlers are booked in WWE, 40-year-old Satender Dagar from Sonipat (Haryana), also expressed his despair on Indian athletes being projected as heels, causing the crowd to boo them.
“WWE is a business at the end of the day. I can’t tell them to make business decisions around me,” Rama told Sportskeeda.
“They are doing what they think is right from a business perspective. But why is it that you take any Indian WWE wrestler…why are they always made heels? Why are we presented only as villains? Why do they have to behave in such a manner that the audience there insults them and boos them?,” said Rama, who had a brief stint in the WWE at the WWE 205 Live.
“My soul couldn’t come to peace with the fact that I was making money by misrepresenting my country. When I wrestled at a WWE Live Event a few years ago in Delhi, I saw that the Indian audience was booing Jinder Mahal. Isn’t there something seriously wrong if your home audience isn’t cheering for Jinder Mahal? At some level, we as Indians have to compromise when we go to WWE. This is the weakness I want to eliminate,” he concluded.
Rama was allowed to leave WWE last month. He was among the several wrestlers who were released by the company.

— BE LIKE JEET 🇮🇳 (@JeetRamaWWE) November 6, 2021
He made his singles debut for the company under the ring name Jeet Rama at a WWE live event in New Delhi on 15 January 2016, defeating Chad Gable.

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