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Psaki’s claim that Biden ‘saved Christmas’ is wanting credit for doing their job: Pavlich

“The Five” co-hosts rebutted White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s claim from Wednesday that President Biden’s administration “saved Christmas.””[I]t’s always interesting when politicians want credit for doing their job,” said co-host Katie Pavlich on Thursday. “First, the administration claimed that there wasn’t a supply chain crisis, and now they’re claiming victory for eliminating the supply chain crisis. And OK, sure, the stores may be more stocked than they were a month ago, but families can’t afford it. Their natural gas bills are up by 40% thanks to this administration. Their gas that they fill up their car [with] to go Christmas shopping costs twice as much as it did a year ago. All of their savings are getting wiped out by inflation.”PSAKI CLAIMS BIDEN ‘SAVED CHRISTMAS’ AMID ONGOING SUPPLY CHAIN ISSUES”There are no specific policies that the administration implemented [to alleviate the supply chain crisis],” added co-host Sean Duffy.The White House is attempting to distract Americans from the “testing crisis” and his economic approval rating, which is the worst since former President Jimmy Carter’s, said co-host Kayleigh McEnany. Biden’s average economic approval rating across December polls is -13 points, she added.The average such rating for presidents over the past 44 years has been +5 points, she noted.”So go ahead, say you saved Christmas,” McEnany said. “It’s not going to help you save the House in the midterms.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”[I]f I were Joe Biden, this is what I would say: Everything should be made in America,” said co-host Jesse Watters. “I don’t want to pick up something and see that it’s made in China, so we’re going to bring the jobs back, the factories back, bring them back to America or at least North or South America. Just get it closer so the ships don’t have to come all the way across the Pacific from a communist country with a history of slave labor and viruses.” 

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