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Teacher’s ‘Hail Mary’ Playground Shot Gets Christmas To Come Early For 3rd Graders

Third-graders at Holy Trinity School Georgetown can be thankful that teacher Kathleen Fitzpatrick is a basketball ringer. (Watch the video below.)Ms. Fitz, as she is known, is a former college player who promised them all hot chocolate if she made a basket from across the playground.In a clip that quickly went viral, Ms. Fitz sinks the shot. The kids jump for joy. The Washington, D.C., school called the full-court swish a “Hail Mary” but Ms. Fitz has long-range skills. She played Division 1 ball at Rutgers and St. Joseph’s, where she led the team in 3-pointers during the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons.“The day before, she made the same shot after telling the kids that if she missed, she would cancel their upcoming math test,” principal Kevin McShane told HuffPost on Thursday. “As you can imagine, their reaction was a little different to that shot!”

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