‘The Five’ on Biden’s omicron address

This is a rush transcript of “The Five” on December 22, 2021. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello everybody. I’m Jesse Watters along with Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino, Harold Ford Jr. and Katie Pavlovich. It’s five o’clock in New York City, and this is THE FIVE.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: COVID is spreading so rapidly. If you notice it just –it just happened almost overnight. Just in the last month. So, no — it’s not (Inaudible). But the alarm bell went off. I don’t think anybody anticipated that this was going to be as rapidly spreading as it did.(END VIDEO CLIP)WATTERS (on camera): That’s not going to age well for Joe Biden. The president claims the new variant claim out of nowhere even though the White House warned everybody about it weeks ago. And now his own CDC director says he is full of it. Watch.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)ROCHELLE WALENSKY, DIRECTOR, CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL: We anticipated this. This is what we have been preparing for. There have been doubling times of this virus in other countries that have had the virus before us in the one and a half to three-day range and so this is exactly what we anticipated.(END VIDEO CLIP)WATTERS (on camera): Biden also being called out for the long wait lines just to get a test. And the shortage of at-home ones. But let’s not play into Biden’s doom and gloom winter of death message. There is some very good news on the COVID front.The new study says Omicron has an 80 percent lower risk of hospitalization. And even though Biden doesn’t want to talk about this, the FDA just authorized potential game changing antiviral pills to treat COVID. They greatly decreases hospitalizations and deaths. They could become available in the next coming weeks.So, I think we all have to acknowledge here we’re in boxes. We don’t want to be in boxes. We hate being in boxes. We resisted being in boxes. We were told to be in a box out of an abundance of caution just to get us through the holidays and hopefully we’ll be back to normal table situation when we return from said holiday.Greg Gutfeld, it’s great to see you. Your thoughts on the COVID developments.GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS CO-HOST: Yes, I find it heartbreaking that I can’t be close to Harold that we’re — is this love and the time of pandemic is destroying us. There he is so far away yet I can see him. I can almost touch him but I won’t.You know it’s amazing, how far ahead this show has been on a lot of things. For example, we were the first show I think to talk about the travel ban and to talk about telemedicine. And yet there seems to be all these epiphanies happening on other networks and Fauci saying you know what, we should focus on the severity and not the number of cases.And CNN is like wow, that’s a great idea. We have been saying this forever.WATTERS: Yes.GUTFELD: And that’s what — that’s why what we said about Omicron is that you are going to see a lot of cases but not a lot of severity. And so, the cases are mild and then that leads you to the next thing. What is the government and what is Fauci doing with this 10-day isolation thing?If everybody is being tested and getting Omicron, why are these forced to sit home for 10 days? They got, we know what the right thing to do is, and that is today to cut that down to three or four days and let people get back to work. Especially my staff on Gutfeld who were sitting at home and watching me right now.Omicron is the next to the last scene in the movie after the climax where the townspeople thank the hero. The villain is seemingly defeated. But then that last scene the villain rises up and then he is easily vanquished.This is — this pandemic movie is about over. The estimated running time it’s going to end on February 1st. A lot of us are going to have Omicron. We are going to be fine. We just have to work together and also be patient with our befuddled government.One last movie analogy. Remember with “Rocky,” it was Apollo Creed versus Rocky but then the next sequels they were working together. They became partners. That’s kind of what we have to be of the government now. They need our help. They are like a blind man in an unfamiliar room. And we are in that room, but we have to offer them guidance and help to get to the right decisions. We actually know how to take the lead and announced that this ends on February 1st.WATTERS: All right. And you really think your staff is at home watching you right now, Greg?GUTFELD: They adore me. Unlike your staff who just hate you with a passion. My staff adores me.(CROSSTALK)WATTERS: My staff is definitely not watching me right now. Harold Ford Jr., do you reciprocate Greg Gutfeld’s longing for you?HAROLD FORD, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: A lot of love between us on the show. I’m glad to be back around the proverbial table. And absolutely. I would say this, Jesse, about the — about the substance at hand. I think we are kind of in a got you moment all the time around, around this thing.I mean, anytime we can have a politician that says something that we may disagree with or may differ with something or subsequently be contrary to something he or she may say, we jump on them a little bit. I think the science is changing. And I think where Greg is most point — where he is most right is that it’s going to take people, it’s going to take business leaders, it’s going to take every day workers, everyday families to be the one to lead us through all of this.And if we are, if we get through this variant here, I think we will find ourselves because of what scientists and doctors are saying, that thing is so transmissible and that herd immunity could rise so quickly, but that should not persuade anyone from getting the vaccine, those who are eligible for getting a booster are getting the booster.Because I think we don’t know fully what is in front of us for the next several months. I hope and believe and pray this is what — this is the last stages of it, but if it’s not, one thing is for certain, our best weapon against the virus, against those who may have wanted this virus to get to us in our best way to be able to compete and keep schools open and our economy open is to get vaccinated.WATTERS: Well, I, for one enjoy jumping on politicians, Harold, because they work for us. And Katie, I think it’s worth pointing out this is the second time that this has happened. Earlier this week, Kamala Harris said you know, none of the science told us this was going to spread and come so quickly.Fauci had to come back and say what he said. And now the CDC director had to tell the president no, no, no, we warned you. We did see this coming. What’s going on over there in your opinion?KATIE PAVLICH, FOX NEWS CO-HOST: Well, I think the Biden administration is getting eaten alive by the bureaucracy. Because the left believes in big government bureaucracy and they believe in putting everything in one basket.So, over the past year, the Biden administration has been focused on vaccination, which is fine, but they have been not focusing enough on treatments and getting test out to people and now you’re seeing the results of that as the vaccinated and the unvaccinated continued to get this disease.And when it comes to what Greg is saying and giving the politicians and the government a little bit of a grace may be and patience, I think a lot of people are over that and there comes a point where you have to say no. You have to say no, I’m not going to show my papers to get into a restaurant. No, I’m not going to do x, y, and z.You thought the election in Virginia. It was actually not just about the economy in Virginia for the governorship. It was about getting rid of a lot of these obsessive COVID regulations when the majority of the country has moved on.The White House panicked about Omicron and then they turned right around and said that we don’t know. You know, Anthony Fauci said that you all need to go out and get a test before Christmas which then flooded the testing sites with healthy people who don’t have systems. So, people who have symptoms can no longer get a test.They created the crisis that they are in now and they have no plans to get out of it other than mandating Americans to do even more than they have already done so far.WATTERS: Wrap it up, Dana.DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS CO-HOST: OK. So, I think everyone has been way too easy on the Biden administration here, and I’m glad that I’m going to bring the hammer down. Because they said they were going to follow the science.PAVLICH: Yes.PERINO: They literally said they were going to follow the science. They said they are going to crush the virus. And we — if you and I all know that the South African said on November 8th that we have a new variant and we knew at Christmas which is also always on December 25th, how could they possibly say they didn’t know?And there weren’t a million reporters today saying you better own up to this, it just — it surprises me. If this would’ve happened to a Republican administration, that would be the only thing we talked about today.They’ve got some big problems there and I don’t think they’re going to get solved. They’re going to be saved by the February 1st bell, though. Because I do think we will actually see people — they’ll got a lot — a lot of people are going to get this. I’m sorry for the people that are going to have a lot of discomfort or may be even hospitalized, but the data coming from South Africa and the U.K. Shows that it probably will not be that way.What’s really causing the problem is what Greg mentions, which is the CDC protocol that if you test positive, you automatically after quarantine for 10 days. That means that nobody can do anything, you can’t go to work and you can’t go shopping and you can’t do anything. So, we all have to figure out a way to pressure the CDC to really look at that.Today the U.K. went from 10 to seven. The last thing I would say is, they own everything that is wrong with the testing, and it touches everybody. If you have people standing in line in 30-degree weather for four hours and that leads the news as it did last night on network news and it was on the Daily this morning. It led NPR. Like this has permeated all across the country. So, you will see those approval numbers on coronavirus go down.WATTERS: Well, when Dana Perino is dropping the hammer –(CROSSTALK)PERINO: I can’t make the same (Inaudible).WATTERS: — harder than Gutfeld and Katie, watch out, White House. You guys better get it together.All right. Coming up, the squad smears against Joe Manchin going to a whole new level. Wait till you hear their latest attacks.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)GUTFELD (on camera): Members of the squad continuing their temper tantrum over Joe Manchin opposing Build Back Better. And right on cue, they are playing the race card.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)REP. JAMAAL BOWMAN (D-NY): It’s tremendously frustrating for me as a black man in America because once again, it’s an example of Joe Manchin, as a white man, showing that he doesn’t care about black people. He doesn’t care about Latinos. He doesn’t care about immigrants. He doesn’t care about women. And he doesn’t care about the poor.(END VIDEO CLIP)GUTFELD (on camera): CNN pushing the race war that Zucker should be fired on the spot. And the White House doesn’t seem to be too concerned with the attacks coming Manchin’s way.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)UNKNOWN: This is going to be a softer, I guess approach in dealing with Senator Manchin and some of the other, you know, Democrats in the party who have been very vocal about and disappointed in him. Is there a sort of, a shift in strategy since this all blew up over bullying?JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Well, again, I wouldn’t characterize it that way, Jacqui, but I would tell you that Senator Manchin is somebody who has won many tough — tough fought, fights in West Virginia and I would doubt he is a withering flower on the side of the road.(END VIDEO CLIP)GUTFELD (on camera): So, Jesse, I’m going to use a golf analogy because I understand you enjoy that sport. But it’s like the left media hacks in CNN, they only have one club in their golf bag. Right? And they try to play 18 holes with one club. And it’s a sand wedge called race. And any time something goes bad, that’s the club they whip out.WATTERS: I think that analogy was straight down the middle of the fairway, Gutfeld. But you are right. What you said at the top, there is a race war brewing within the Democratic Party. It’s going to backfire spectacularly, and I can’t wait to watch it.What kind of tactician slanders someone as being a heartless white bigot for not voting the way they should vote? I mean, what are they going to push Joe Manchin into the arms of the Republican Party? So that Democrats don’t have a majority in the Senate and they can’t confirm judges for the entire year next year?You don’t smear someone you are trying to persuade. It’s just idiocy. Joe Manchin, I think is 60 percent approval rating in one of the reddest states in the country, Trump won it by 40 percent over Joe Biden. There is like what, I think there is like half the state is under the poverty level. Like 20 percent of the state is under the poverty level.Now I looked at Bowman’s district, New York 16, average salary there, 75k. Average salary in West Virginia, 45k. Average house in Bowman’s district, half a million. Average house in West Virginia, $100,000.There is actually more whites than blacks in Bowman’s district, the squad guy. And it’s not a stone’s throw away from a very person’s lake house near Westchester County. So, I don’t know where he is getting off acting like he represents the most impoverished district in the country.Manchin is just fine. He was put there to represent the people of West Virginia, not to vote with the squad. He is voting with his people, not his party, and that’s how it should be.GUTFELD: Dana, I think the word of the day is demand. You know, if you don’t have a huge majority, don’t demand stupid things. And I think that’s what happened. What the squad does is they made unreasonable demands that jarred with the reality of the Democrat predicament in the Senate. It wasn’t going to happen.PERINO: Yes. The squad cracks me up. They have such little self-awareness. It is like Michael Scott level self-awareness. They think that them going after Joe Manchin is going to hurt Joe Manchin, that’s hilarious to me.There was an article in The Hill today by I think Alex Bolton, in which he quoted several staffers saying what needs to happen is Joe Biden just needs to get really tough with Joe Manchin. And he needs to take him by the collar and shake him and tell him — do you think that’s going to work?Joe Biden’s popularity in West Virginia is probably — I can’t even imagine what the number actually is. So, they are doing themselves a huge disservice of course. But what you said, Greg, is what they should have done which is to say — Biden could have said, you know, I know that we wanted to do all of these things, and thankfully we got the Senate, but we only have it by two.So, therefore, let’s scale back our plans, let’s focus on — and they would probably be like, you know, at 55 percent approval right now. Instead, they are just spiraling downwards.GUTFELD: Yes. You know, Harold, you are bright man. Some say almost as bright as me. You — could you argue that the squad provides a beneficial role by delineating the moderates and the party? They make everyone else look sane by being there so the Democrats don’t mind having the squad, you know, throwing a tantrum now and then? What do you think of that?FORD: You know, there is some truth to what you are saying. I think Democrats, we had to sit back. When Jesse Watters gives incredibly, I think insightful advice about how we should talk about race and how we shouldn’t talk about race, we should be paying attention.The White House should have defended Joe Manchin. He is no racist.GUTFELD: Yes.FORD: What the country wants, Democrats and Republicans alike, is more action and results and not the kind of actions. Now there are extremists in both parties. I think the Marjorie Taylor Greene’s and the squad and all, they kind of cancel themselves out. And what we really need is a serious conversation around the things affecting most Americans.Congressman Bowman, you know, he is upset about this Build Back Better not passing. I think the better way to exert himself and exert his energy is to figure out what is bothering people like Joe Manchin? Democrats who represent people who need a lot of what’s in this bill. Why is it that Joe Manchin can support it? Sit with him and understand and negotiate and compromise.The whole notion, the nation, the predicate of our nation is built around compromise. And I think some on both sides of the aisle forget that. I think the White House did a disservice to Senator Manchin by not defending him. He is not a racist. You may disagree with his policies, but he is not a racist.GUTFELD: Yes. You know, Katie, we can’t let CNN get away with this –PAVLICH: Yes.GUTFELD: — because this wasn’t figurative language. This was literal language that they always foment whenever they get the chance. You think this network would have learned a lesson about creating racial conflict. But any opportunity that they can find, they are going to gin it up for clicks and I guess that’s their profit model. Race war.PAVLICH: They want to try and scare people into his accepting their agenda base on non-factual information. So, Hispanics are leaving the Democratic Party in droves and going over to the Republican Party for the exact reasons that Joe Manchin cited about not voting for Build Back Better because of inflation and the economy.So, Democrats should actually be thanking Joe Manchin for maybe saving some of Joe Biden’s legacy on the economy because the bill didn’t pass and won’t impact the economy as it maybe would have if it did pass.But for years, the squad has been living beyond its political means, and they have been able to do that under Biden because Biden has been appeasing them. And he has chosen a side here. You know, moderate Biden is the one still throwing Joe Manchin under the bus. He is not defending him. His White House press secretary saying that, you know, attacks on him are essentially perfectly legitimate.There wasn’t a condemnation when protestors showed up at his house in D.C. and walked him to the car. And it’s not just Joe Manchin. You remember when Senator Sinema was chased into the restroom by activist and filmed in the bathroom? And Joe Biden was asked about it and he just kind of laughed it off and smirked and said it was just part of the job.Biden and the administration had taken a side here and it’s not with Joe Manchin which is why Republicans are trying to get him to switch parties.GUTFELD: There you go. All right, up next. Outrage over a truck driver sentenced to 110 years after a deadly accident that even the D.A. says is way too harsh.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)PERINO (on camera): Well, millions of people demanding a harsh prison sentence be overturned for a truck driver given 110 years behind bars. A Colorado district attorney asking the court to reconsider the punishment for a deadly crash that killed four people and injured others.Rogel Aguilera-Medero’s claims it was an accident after his brakes failed. Police say he tried pulling over to the shoulder but another semi was already stopped there. The prosecutors argued he could have used several truck ramps to stop. The trucker making an emotional appeal.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)ROGEL AGUILERA-MEDEROS, COLORADO TRUCKER: This was a terrible accident I know. I take responsibility. But it wasn’t intentional.(END VIDEO CLIP)PERINO (on camera): Now millions of people including Kim Kardashian signing a petition calling for Colorado’s governor to commute the sentence.Katie, I talked to my sister today just to see as a Coloradan what she thought and she was glad to see the community coming together, she thinks that it’s too harsh but this is a mandatory minimum situation. This is the law so the judge said he had no discretion. But when Kim Kardashian gets involved, sometimes she gets results. I get your thoughts now.PAVLICH: Maybe she will be able to convince the governor to give this guy clemency. Yes, this is going to be up to the governor obviously, but also the laws in the state have to change if they don’t want this to happen in the future.And now it’s not just a matter of Colorado, there are a lot of truckers who are outside of Colorado who are saying I’m not driving through there until something is done with this because anybody’s breaks can go out when you are a trucker and if I happen to this guy, it can happen to anyone of us.So, it’s a matter of going to the governor and seeing if they will change it. There is a petition from millions of people at this point. But the state lawmakers are going to have to make the change in the law if they don’t want another judge to have to hand down a sentence this harsh.But I would say it’s a slippery slope, right. We’ve seen these changes happen around the country with other laws and no cash bail, for example. And it’s resulted in violent criminals getting out different situation here. But, of course, you have to weigh all of those different situations when you’re dealing with state laws for penalties.PERINO: Interesting point about the other truckers, because Harold, he maintains that he tried. Now, the prosecutor is saying he could have tried these other ramps. I know that he has remorse. But what’s also interesting is that the families of the deceased are saying that they agree that the sentence is too harsh here.FORD JR.: Look, you know, when we — when we deny judges or disallow judges, those who have been trained to not only adjudicate cases, but to oversee and to determine if the law is being applied correctly, we stripped them of the ability he and she in this country to exercise discretion.And when it comes to sentencing, this is what we get. There were long time over in the 80s and 90s when there were mandatory minimums with drug sentencing, particularly for young African American men in this country. And there were those arguing including myself and my father who was in Congress at the time that there ought to be some discretion for judges. This is one of those moments and instances. And I can only hope that the governor of Colorado, who is — who’s a decent guy will look at this in a serious way.And to Katie’s point, you know, even — the bail reform is different because you’re giving judges discretion. In the bail reform, you’re not giving judges discretion, you’re making them — let a lot of people out who might be enabling violence or enabling crime.PERINO: At the same time, Greg, you had this situation, but the Justice Department under President Biden has just announced that anyone who was released under home confinement during the pandemic will not have to return to prison because they’ve reconnected with their families and have moved on with our lives.GUTFELD: It’s — the contrast is mind-blowing. I mean, there — I don’t think there’s much of a debate here about, you know, is this excessive. I think we all are like, yes, it’s excessive. This is nuts. And it’s excessive primarily because you’re arguing about intentional harm. And it’s clear he had no intention of doing this.Was he careless? I don’t know enough about it. He says his brakes failed. But this is about intentional harm. This was an accident. But when you — the story is kind of — when you put it in that context of the violent abusers that have been released in our city in New York City, only to reoffend and actually murder people, right, throw elderly women down the stairs and they get — and then they die, or they just go out and they kill their spouse. This is happening a lot.And then you look like January 6, some guy just got five years, right? I mean, it’s just so bizarre. It’s just — I don’t know. I mean, other than that, it’s just the absurdity of our sentences, it’s just beyond belief. Other than that, I think, yes, this is obviously ridiculous.PERINO: Last word, Jesse.WATTERS: Oh, he shouldn’t serve 100 years, but he should serve at least 10. He had an opportunity to take an off-ramp and drive this weapon. I mean, a rig like that fully loaded is a weapon, and drive it into the back of another semi. That would have saved lives.Instead, he decided, whether it was intentional or not, to swerve left and just nail a bunch of passenger cars, killing four people and injuring dozens. So, there was a little intentionality. He was going twice the legal speed limit down a mountain pass, steep grade, he threw the brakes on, burned up the brakes, they’re going to burn up when you’re going twice the limit down a steep mountain pass.I mean, from — he needed an interpreter at the trial. I don’t know how well his English is. Could he read the signs? I don’t know. These are the things you just don’t know. But to say this guy should just walk after time served, no. I like the fact that, you know, families are going to come and they’re going to petition the court. That’s fine with me. If they want a softer sentence, that’s fine.He rejected a plea deal too. So, they were going to cut him a deal. He said no. He’s got terrible lawyers probably. But one of the reasons you have to do mandatory minimums is because some of these soft judges were giving lenient sentences to people like sex offenders, raping kids, giving them probation. So, it is what it is.PAVLICH: Yes, exactly.PERINO: Yes, you make a point. Well, next, anarchy at the airports, believe it or not, during the holiday travel surge. Will a controversial plan to ban alcohol make it stop?(COMMERCIAL BREAK)FORD JR: Alcohol being blamed for surge in anarchy at the airports and in the skies. Airlines reported more than 5000 cases of unruly passengers this year, like this crazy video of a police officer pulling his gun during a recent brawl.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)(END VIDEO CLIP)FORD JR: Two men are facing charges after one of them tried to steal an airport transport cart from an employee. And now, there’s a push in Congress to ban booze on airplanes. Greg, let me go to you first. This clearly is an issue for flight attendants and for pilots and for passengers, but is banning booze the answer to this — to this challenge and problem that’s real?GUTFELD: Absolutely no. Stop blaming booze for the actions of a few bad eggs. We have to admit that we are in a time of peak stress. Everyone from the pilot, to the flight attendant, to Jesse in 44B, you know, everybody’s got like maybe a personal issue at home. That’s one layer, right? That’s one layer.Then you tack on the artificial pressures of the holidays. That’s a second layer. Then you add COVID. That’s a third layer. You take away booze, that’s a fourth layer of heavy-duty stress. We have to understand that humans are bundles of stress. We need to tread lightly and politely.I would like to call out that i got a nice little card from Delta in the mail that thanked me for my service or for using them. I expected something other than a thank you but that’s OK. But I fly out tomorrow on American Airlines. I expect great service by great people. I firmly believe I will not be reprimanded if my math slips. I will be enjoying a few libations while listening to my favorite music and everything is going to be great. Flying American.FORD JR: Jesse, your — Jesse, your name was invoked. How do you react to this?WATTERS: Well, I haven’t sat in the 40s for well, since my 20s so get it right Gutfeld. But you can’t take away alcohol on a plane. You have — I’d probably rank it this way. You have your shower beer. You have your ski lift chair beer. You have your yacht cocktail and you have your airline drink. So — and plus, it’s medically necessary for a lot of people to drink alcohol on a flight to relax their nerves. So, don’t mess with medicine, I would say.The other thing is people would stop brawling if they dressed better. Remember how people used to dress on the airlines, like three-piece suits and dresses. Now, everyone’s wearing sweatsuits. Yes, you’re going to rumble in a sweatsuit. But if you look really civilized, you’re probably not going to throw haymakers. So, just dress nicely and just keep calm.FORD JR: Dana, you strike me as someone that does a lot of what Jesse was saying there. Do you think that banning booze is the right thing?PERINO: Oh, I wasn’t sure in terms of the brawling or the dressing nicely. I think that this is terrible. I’m tired of having to –FORD JR: No, no. Dressing nicely and behaving politely.PERINO: I’m tired of being punished for things taken away from me because a few people can’t handle things well. There was an idea that was floated that if you get into one of these brawls at the airport, you could be banned from TSA pre-check and that’s serious.WATTERS: I like that.PERINO: You don’t want to be banned from TSA pre-check. That’s serious punishment. Besides, Harold, I think if they took away booze, people would just take a lot of pills. I never took a pill but I might be tempted.GUTFELD: See me after the show.FORD JR: Katie, what do you think about this?PAVLICH: Well, drinking at the airport and on planes is not new. People are drinking too much because it’s the only thing they’re allowed to do without a mask on. So, why don’t you take away the mask? All the CEOs have said it doesn’t do anything on the plane. Dr. Fauci wants you to wear a mask forever.If the federal government lifted the mandate, I guarantee you, people would go back to behaving themselves and drinking less because it’s the only thing you can do in the airport without having your mask on, and there’s only so much you can eat. So, take away the mask and you solve this problem.PERINO: Smart.FORD JR: I’m a no — I’m a no on banning booze. “THE FASTEST” is up next.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)PAVLICH: Welcome back. Time for “THE FASTEST.” First up, a tourist thought she was getting a breathtaking view of the New York City skyline after booking an Airbnb rental. But instead, she got a very creepy surprise.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: People are having dinner, just not at our table. Let’s get an in-person view.(END VIDEO CLIP)PAVLICH: Yes, she’s looking directly into a restaurant. The diners didn’t notice because of reflective glass that looks like a mirror. So, Greg, I thought this would be a very convenient vacation spot for you since you’re always talking about food.GUTFELD: You know, what’s the real — the real horrible thing, that tourist is a slob. Did you actually watch the whole video? If you’re going to film yourself on TikTok, why don’t you clean up your hotel room? People are going to look at that. She’s an adult woman and she acts like she’s a 12- year-old. She’s got all of her clothes on the floor.I was more offended by that. I hope that the diners weren’t able to see in because that would make them throw up.PAVLICH: Greg’s TikTok tips coming up next. OK, Dana, have you ever booked a place that you thought looked really good online but then ended up being maybe not quite like this, but not what you thought.PERINO: So, I’ve never used Airbnb. I don’t know how. I understand it’s a little technology thing. It sounds intriguing. And then you hear stories like this and I’m always afraid. Like, I don’t know how to find the Uber, I don’t know how to do the Airbnb. I’m a little old-fashioned that way but this seems like something that would probably happen to me if I tried.PAVLICH: Yes. Jesse, convenient or disgusting?WATTERS: I think it’s a good booking, Katie, and here’s why. You get to sit in bed and you watch people fight over the bill, you watch people break up with each other. I think I’d rather do that than look out the stupid window.PAVLICH: Harold, it’s free entertainment.FORD JR: If I were there, I’d be taking a lot of notes right now. And one thing I do know, if we invite the Gutfelds over, we better clean our home before having them come over.GUTFELD: Yes.PAVLICH: That is true. All right, up next, everyone knows to keep off the grass, but how about this one? A homeowner with a huge driveway boasting about how he has banned his neighbor’s Christmas guests from parking on his massive plot of land, even shooting down a generous offer to be paid.Jesse, this is just dumb. You could make a lot of money.WATTERS: Yes, I did this to my uncle’s neighbor at Thanksgiving. I pulled right into the guy’s driveway. He comes outside to confront me, then recognizes me. We took a picture and he said it was fine.PAVLICH: So, Greg, you could either get paid in cash or booze, right? Like, you’re parking on my lawn, you got to bring a bottle of wine.GUTFELD: Jesse’s message is just make sure you’re famous. Everything’s fine if you’re famous. Look, you know, this guy is right about — you should — you know what, here’s an analogy. Let’s say Harold has this amazing king- sized bed and I — you know, I live next door but my bed is small.FORD JR: Where is this going?GUTFELD: Does that mean I get to go and sleep on the foot of his bed? No, it doesn’t. You got to respect people’s belongings.FORD JR: Harold, I think Greg is really missing you a lot. I think Greg is really missing you.FORD JR: I’m taking notes on that too. I think that if you do go park in somebody else’s driveway, you want to be with Jesse.WATTERS: Right.FORD JR: Maybe they’ll recognize you and won’t shoot you.WATTERS: Right. You get away with more when you’re famous.PAVLICH: Dana, what do you think? Shouldn’t you just be neighborly?PERINO: Well, I kind of — I got to say that if somebody asked me, I think I would be OK with letting it happen. But I used to have this place where these people would park in front of our — not even on our driveway but in front of my house –PAVLICH: Yes.PERINO: — and I’d get so annoyed. What is wrong with me? I really need to be more kind and neighborly.PAVLICH: No, I get that too. It goes both ways.PERINO: New Year’s resolution.PAVLICH: But if you’re going to get paid for it, why not. All right, “ONE MORE THING” up next.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)WATTERS: It’s time now for ONE MORE THING. There’s a very special holiday today a lot of people don’t know what it is or even celebrate it, but I do. It’s a National Short Person’s Day. It’s a holiday near and dear to my heart. So, I would just like to celebrate the short people in my life, Dana and Greg.Here they are trying to get their official height measurement at Hershey Park to see if they could get on the roller coasters. And most importantly, to my favorite short king, my producer Scott Sanders, who as you can see is the short one in that photo, second from the left.And I want to — do we have time to wish one more short person? No, we don’t have time. We don’t have time. I’m not going to do it. Tonight I’m going to be hosting “TUCKER” at 8:00 Eastern so make sure you watch that. Harold, you’re up.FORD JR: Jesse, I like that. But I got two of the shortest people I know, the two people I love the most. Two of the three people I love the most.PERINO: Hi, guys.FORD JR: It’s my daughter’s eighth birthday today. And I love her to death.PERINO: Oh, hi guys. Happy Birthday!FORD JR: Wave, guys. Wave, wave, wave, wave, wave.WATTERS: Happy Birthday.FORD JR: We celebrated good this morning. We had pizza this afternoon, had cake. And she’s 8 years old now and I’m getting older. So, I love you sweetie.WATTERS: Oh, it’s so sweet.PERINO: Happy Birthday!WATTERS: Happy Birthday! Dana Perino.FORD JR: They say Happy Birthday. Say, thank you.UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thank you.PERINO: Those are some cute short people right there. Oh, you’re welcome. Happiest Birthday to you. You’ve got a great family there.Hey, if you’re traveling for the holidays and you don’t want to get in a brawl like we showed you earlier, why don’t you get a volleyball and just play volleyball like down the hallway there. Look at these two ladies. Oh, I’m sorry. It’s not — it’s one lady and one guy, sorry, sorry, sorry. I don’t want to be, you know, gender — whatever. But they kept it going for quite a while over everyone’s heads. It didn’t hit anybody. I mean, that’s pretty good. Better like — better like that.Also, a very happy Christmas to you from Percy who had a little picture today. I just got to throw this in there. Those are — those are little clamshells. How cute.WATTERS: Very cute. Very cute. All right, Greg, go ahead.GUTFELD: So much to talk about. But instead, let’s do this.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)GUTFELD: Animals are great! Animals are great! Animals are great!(END VIDEO CLIP)PERINO: That’s so cute.GUTFELD: It’s a special holiday edition there with the old Santa caps. You know, it’s not just humans that give and get gifts. Christmas is often celebrated at the zoo. Check out the London Zoo where you’ll be seeing before your eyes a — that’s a lion, Dana, getting a gift.PERINO: Oh, thank you.GUTFELD: I believe what was inside was some vegetables and some spices. And he enjoyed it. I believe there was also a gorilla who received the gift and then proceeded to climb up a tree. And so — because it didn’t want to share it with anybody. It was a very selfish gorilla. And that’s it.Other than that, it is day two of no apology from CNN’s John Berman for his deceptive crap job on Jesse Watters, day two. I thought he was a man. Take the man out of Berman. He’s just a ber.WATTERS: OK, Katie. You have a lot of time.PAVLICH: Let’s see if he apologizes on day three, which will be tomorrow. All right, this is a great story. A nurse in Rome, New York helped keep a family together by adopting her patient’s dog. Jennifer is a nurse at the Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing Home in Rome, New York. She learned that one of her patients was forced to give up his dog to the local humane society when he was hospitalized.And that’s when she decided to go to the animal shelter, adopt John’s dogs so that she could bring him to visit when he completes his rehab. And then when John got out of rehab, I think he got the dog back. He was overcome with emotion and gratitude. Proof that smart thinking and kindness go a long, long ways this holiday season. I thought it was really cute. So –WATTERS: All right, beautiful. Now, who’s in tomorrow? I’m in tomorrow. Dana, are you in tomorrow?PERINO: I’m not, Jesse.WATTERS: All right, so you’re not in tomorrow. Gutfeld, are you in?GUTFELD: No. I’m actually going to be flying somewhere mysterious.WATTERS: Right, right.GUTFELD: I’m not telling anybody where I’m going.WATTERS: On American Airlines.GUTFELD: Because I don’t want to be bothered by any relatives I don’t know very well. Oh, yes, now, I have a show. Now, you want to talk to me. Well, you didn’t care about me when I was a kid. So, you don’t get Gutfeld now.WATTERS: All right, and Harold, are you in tomorrow? Katie, are you guys in?PAVLICH: I’ll be here. All right, Katie is in. Harold?FORD JR: I’m not in tomorrow, unfortunately.PAVLICH: It’s me and you, Jesse.PERINO: Where were you Monday?FORD JR: I’ll be taking notes though.WATTERS: I’m just trying to figure out my schedule for the rest of the week. I’m in tomorrow. I just want to let everybody know that I am working tomorrow.PAVLICH: I’ll see you there.PERINO: We wouldn’t miss it.WATTERS: Right. All right.PAVLICH: See you in the box.WATTERS: Thanks, guys. Have a safe flight, Gutfeld. Behave yourself on the airline.That’s it for us. “SPECIAL REPORT” is up next with Bret.Copy: Content and Programming Copyright 2021 Fox News Network, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright 2021 VIQ Media Transcription, Inc. All materials herein are protected by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of VIQ Media Transcription, Inc. You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies of the content.

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