Why You Should Sell Your Car in Belgium for a New One

If you’re in the market for a new car, you may want to consider selling your old one first before buying a new one. Here are five reasons why selling your car in Belgium for a new one is ideal:If you’re interested in Uw Auto Verkopen, contact us at today! The Best Things About Selling Your Car
  1. There is less paperwork and it’s not as expensive.
  2. 2. Selling your car to another Belgian is considered as an import and you can import a new one tax-free.
  3. The old custom regulations stated that the car had to be more than 12 years old in order to export it outside of the EU, but this was changed two years ago and now cars up to 20 years old can be exported without any hassle.
  4. There are different options for those who want their money straight away or those who want their money monthly over 12 months, depending on what you prefer when selling your car in belgium and getting a new one with the money from the sale of your old car .
  5. Unlike many other countries where there are also strict limits on how much a person can sell their car for, in Belgium there is no law limiting how much someone sells their car for and they will get 100% of the value they put on it.
  6. Buying a used car in Belgium will cost about 30% less than buying a new one, so if you buy your next vehicle here then Uw Auto Verkopen
  7. will make perfect sense! If you’re looking to sell your secondhand imported car then you’ll need permission from DIVCO – which stands for Directorate General Customs Administration – before doing so, which might not be too hard to do at all if you follow these instructions
The Process Is Fast And Convenient Selling your car in Belgium has many benefits. The process is fast and convenient, because you only need to follow three simple steps. Step 1: Contact us at the number listed on our website or by filling out our online form. Step 2: Accept the cash offer, and then we’ll come over with all the paperwork so you can sign everything. Step 3: Wait while we tow your old car away, and voila! You’re done! It’s that easy. If you want to get rid of your old car, sell it in Belgium today! We will make sure you get the best price possible, hassle-free. Why not take advantage of this service? Call us now to learn more about what Uw Auto Verkopen in Belgium entails. Free Up Funds For A New Automobile Many car owners don’t realize that there are costs associated with owning and operating a vehicle. Some of these costs may be more noticeable than others, such as the cost of maintenance and insurance. But there are also non-obvious costs that might not be on your radar until it’s too late. Selling your car in Belgium for a new one can help you reduce some of these hidden expenses by freeing up funds to purchase a newer vehicle. The first thing to consider is taxes. At the time of purchase, it is possible that the tax on your new car will exceed its total value when you sell it. You Get Extra Cash To Put Towards A Down Payment The easy way to get rid of your old car and help cover the down-payment on a new one is to find an export broker who will buy it from you. Selling it privately isn’t as simple, which is why you’ll need to take out ads and handle private transactions yourself. With an export broker, all you need to do is fill out some paperwork and get your vehicle appraised. Then they’ll buy your car on the spot and give you cash that can be used towards your new purchase. And best of all, when this service provider buys your car in Belgium, they provide nationwide coverage so anyone across the country can participate in this program. If you’re looking for an excellent option to Uw Auto Verkopen in belgium, contact ____________ today! Save Yourself From Repair Bills And Maintenance Costs With enough time and miles on your vehicle, you’re likely to be confronted with costly repairs. For older cars, repairs can quickly become so expensive that they cost more than the car is worth. With newer cars, unplanned maintenance costs can really set you back as well. These are all reasons why many people choose to sell their car when buying a new one. In the US, when trading in your car after seven years or 100k miles (whichever comes first), you receive 50% of the purchase price towards the purchase of another vehicle.* In Belgium, this offer can go up to 70%. There are also other benefits too: Tax advantages and savings on taxes associated with buying a new car.* Receive a higher percentage off the purchase price* Trade-in values are generally higher for Belgians than Americans* Unlimited kilometer warranty* Comprehensive insurance plan* Roadside assistance service* Extended warranty Avoid Resale Fees And Dealer Commission If you’re tired of your old car and want to buy a new one, then it’s time to consider the benefits of Uw Auto Verkopen in Belgium. Aside from avoiding high dealer commission and resale fees, you may be eligible for government incentives if you have your vehicle certified by the BIVB (Belgian Automobile Institute). This can cover up to 25% of the purchase price of your new vehicle. To qualify, you’ll need to prove that you have owned the car for at least 12 months, have an income below €30k per year and provide proof that you’ve carried out major maintenance on your current vehicle within the last six months. There are also other rules to follow depending on the type of vehicle you have. For example, if you trade in a diesel engine car with over 200,000 km or more than 10 years old, they will only pay 15% of the purchase price towards your new vehicle. Gain More Peace Of Mind When Buying A Used Vehicle Instead Of A Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Like any other type of transaction, you’ll want to take security precautions to protect yourself. Most countries have regulations on how much time should pass between signing an agreement and when the seller gets your money. Avoid setting up your appointment with the seller until after this time period expires. If the seller insists on having an installment plan, set up an account that they can deposit funds into every month before transferring them to you. And finally, once you’ve made your purchase or sold your car, make sure you understand all tax obligations (selling versus trading) and report accordingly. It may seem like many people are walking around with cars for trade and no buyers. Securely Transact With The Seller Or Their Representative Locally A bit of research before you buy could save you money and headaches later. With some car scams coming to light in the past few years, there is one thing that would have helped you spot these schemes: if the car is not being sold by the person who owns it, stop! Consider paying more upfront and shipping your new-to-you car directly to your home or office. That way, you can get exactly what you want and make sure no one is pulling a fast one on you. As well as getting peace of mind about getting scammed, this also means you don’t have to worry about driving your car across borders when importing from another country. To avoid any last minute hassles, be sure to request all original documents from the Uw Auto Verkopen at time of purchase so they are sent with the vehicle while it’s crossing borders. Trade In Multiple Vehicles At Once One of the simplest ways to purchase a new car is by trading in your old one. If you want to trade-in multiple vehicles at once, you can save money on registration fees and depreciation costs. The downside is that you will lose whatever equity was leftover in your trade-in. However, if you are planning on turning your car around quickly, then this strategy might be good for you. In addition, if you have too many cars to list separately on Auto Trader Belgique, then it may make sense to combine them into one listing. One downside is that it will not work with newer cars with low miles; they need more time to depreciate before you can trade them in for a higher price than their sticker price. It also won’t work with classic cars because they hold their value well enough without being traded in for a new vehicle. Create A Profitable Budget For A Smaller, Gas Saver Vehicle Dedicate 30% of your budget to monthly car payments and insurance. The next 40% should go towards fuel costs and upkeep (mechanical repairs, registration, tune-ups). Let’s allocate 10% to gas and 10% to general wear and tear. If you drive 15,000 miles per year at $2.50 per gallon for gas, that totals $4,500 annually. Add this together with the 5% from the first section of your budget — which we’ve allocated specifically for repairs, registration, tune-ups–that comes out to $5155 out of your original $25000 budget. Now subtract this amount from the total budget. That leaves us with $20455 to use for other categories like food, entertainment, etc. While it might seem like there is more money left over than what was originally allotted, don’t forget about these other needs! Financing Is Available Through Some Dealerships A lot of people find it difficult to part with their cars when they are not having the time of their lives with them. But it’s worth considering, especially if you’re considering getting your car serviced anyway, that if you Uw Auto Verkopen in belgium and buy a new one, financing is available through some dealerships. So once you’ve finally decided to say goodbye to your old ride, here are four tips for getting the best possible price for it

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