3 Key Benefits of Using a Market Research Panel for Online Surveys

Market research is supposed to be about giving you the best data possible, but sometimes it can feel like a waste of time that doesn’t result in any real insights. That’s why some people are turning to online survey panels instead. These panels can offer you various benefits that traditional market research just can’t match.

What is a Market Research Panel?  

A market research panel is a group of people who have volunteered to participate in online market research panel surveys. Market research panels are used to conduct online surveys and collect data about consumers, their buying habits, and their preferences. Market research panels can be advantageous for businesses because they provide insights about potential customers that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to obtain through traditional marketing methods such as focus groups or interviews.

What are the Types of Market Research Panels?  

There are different types of market research panels, depending on the way you want to get your data.

  • Online:

These are online panels that you can sign up for and complete surveys through a website or app. They’re usually free to join but may require some basic information from you (like an email address).

  • Offline:

These are physical places where people gather together and fill out surveys at the same time in order to share their thoughts about brands, products, and services. They’re often held at malls or shopping centers where there are plenty of people walking around every day–ideal conditions for survey takers!

  • Social media:

You might have heard about “social listening” before; it refers to using social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook as tools for collecting data on consumer behavior because they provide real-time insights into what consumers think about particular brands or products/services being discussed online right now by millions upon millions of potential customers worldwide.

When are Market Research Panels Used?  

Market research panels are a great way to conduct online surveys, focus groups, interviews, and experiments. They provide a large group of people who have signed up to participate in your research. You can use this large pool of respondents for any kind of survey or other type of market research study.

Benefits of Market Research Panels   

If you’re looking to conduct market research studies, there are a number of benefits that come from using a panel. These include:

  1. Faster, more affordable surveys

With access to thousands of respondents at any given time, it’s easy for you to quickly get your surveys approved and sent out. This means you won’t have to wait weeks or even months before getting results back from participants you can get them within days!

  • You can run more surveys, more frequently.
  • You can run more complex surveys.
  • You can get more data from each survey.

2. Targeted respondents

One of the biggest benefits of using a market research panel is that it allows you to target specific respondents. You can choose who you want your survey to reach and make sure it’s delivered only to those people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. This will help improve response rates and increase the accuracy of the results since only relevant respondents will take part in the survey.

There are multiple ways that market research panels can be used for targeted recruitment:

  • Pre-qualification – Only people who meet certain criteria can join a panel (e.g., age range or location)
  • Demographic targeting – For example, if you’re looking for female gamers between 25-35 years old living in London, UK then this would be easy with a panel! You could also select specific interests such as gaming or technology; if so then we’d recommend using one of our panels focused specifically on these topics instead because they have been designed specifically for this purpose and should produce higher quality data than if we just randomly selected users from our general database which covers all kinds of different topics within each demographic group

3. Higher response rates

One of the biggest benefits of using a market research panel is that respondents are more likely to respond to your survey. This is because they have already provided their contact details and agreed to take part in your research, so it’s easier for you to get them involved again.

The response rates for online surveys can be higher than those for telephone or face-to-face interviews because people are more likely to be available when they haven’t been disturbed by someone calling them on their phone or knocking at their door.

Additionally, if someone has already completed one or two surveys with you before then there is a good chance they will participate in another one if asked nicely!


An online market research panel is a great way to conduct market research. The ability to target respondents and get responses in hours instead of weeks makes it ideal for companies that need quick feedback on new products or services.

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