9 Smart Tips and Tricks in Imessage That You Shouldn’t Miss

If you are an iOS user or plan to buy one, you are probably familiar with iMessage. Apple Inc. created iMessage in 2011 as an instant messaging service. Apple’s macOS, iOS, iPad, and watchOS are the only systems that support iMessage. The iMessage experience is entirely smooth. It’s being transferred securely if the word bubble is blue. 

iMessage isn’t just an application for messaging, but you can do many things on it. Features like you can send location, send GIFS, share music, enjoy iMessage games, report weather for today, and so much more. To have a fantastic experience with this application, remember this list will not just talk about the features of iMessage, but it will give you tips and tricks on using it. These are those that you shouldn’t miss!

1. Pin Conversations

Do you have problems finding and accessing conversations? IPad and iPhone users may now pin their most often used and favorite chats to the top of the priority list. It allows you to access them without scrolling down through multiple conversations quickly. Open the messaging app to begin. To pin a chat group or topic, go to it. A popup window will display if you press it long enough. Choose the option to Pin.

Click on the thread and then press the pin button. Then, unpin it in the same way. Choose the unpin option by long-pressing the pinned thread.

2. One-Hand Keyboard

Here’s a terrific tip if you prefer to text with one hand. You can move the keyboard to the left or right to make it easier to reach characters at the end while typing with one hand. Keep tapping the world or emojis icon in the bottom left corner. Choose the left or right keyboard depending on which hand you’re using.

3. Handwritten Message

Another texting trick! Your message is written in your handwriting, giving the recipient a glimpse into your personal life. That personal touch is a great approach to show how essential and significant the person you’re thought of is to you.

Composing handwritten texts is an excellent approach to give a personal feel while reliving those memories, despite its rarity nowadays. Rotate your phone to landscape mode to write a handwritten letter. Then, on the keyboard, tap the Handwriting icon. After that, use your Apple pencil or one finger to compose your message. Then press Done and Send.

4. Message Bubbles and Screen Effects

When you type particular messages, unique screen effects appear. These message effects can range from balloons, lasers, and flashes of light to confetti and fireworks and are tailored to the content of the messages. Simply putting codewords inside the message causes the screen effects to appear. Distinct words have different impacts on the screen.

Remember not to include any additional text in the message. The method only works if the code phrase is typed alone. The message bubble effects include invisible ink, slam, loud, and delicate. They also have various screen effects, including balloons, celebrations, confetti, and more.

5. Set Emoji as Display Picture

If you are photophobic and don’t have any exciting photographs to utilize as a show picture, You can use emojis in place of words. Launch your iMessage app if you want to do the same. In the top left corner, tap the edit button. To choose a name and a photo, scroll to the bottom through the explanation. Also, you can select your initials, a custom photo, and an emoji or memoji of your choice. After picking your favorite emoji, they’ll direct you to something like a confirmation screen. Of course, tap use.

6. Mention a Friend in Group Chat

In group chats, it’s now easy to send out a message to a particular user. Mention the individual to ensure that they receive and understand your message. This trick is straightforward to perform.

After the contact’s name, type the message. iMessage will recognize the person and display their name and photo in a popup. To mention them, tap the popup.

7. Shake to Undo

You can sometimes undo a message you have sent if you don’t like it. However, there is an easier way to do it on iMessage. You don’t have to press backspace repeatedly whenever you want to remove a long text. Shake your device and tap undo from the popup to delete your texts. Isn’t it cool?

 8. Share Locations

You may share your location with your contacts using iMessage, which helps meet up with someone and for safety reasons. Open your messaging app to share your location. Start a chat with the person you want to share your location with. Select their name. Press the I key. Choose to share my current location. Choose the length of time you want to share.

Typing out my location and then tapping the middle of the prediction bar is an even more leisurely route to do this. It sends your current location to the person you’re texting. The technique isn’t only for addresses; also it applies to email addresses and phone numbers.

9. Various iMessage Apps

You can use iMessage to execute a variety of tasks. These apps, among other things, let you play games with your friends, exchange stickers, pin locations, send payments, and interpret texts. Launch the Messages app to get started. Left of the type field, press the arrow button. The App Store icon will appear. To see installed apps swipe left or right. GIPHY, Google Maps, GamePigeon, and YouTube are just a few apps on the list.

In a Nutshell

There are a lot of messaging applications that you may enjoy. iOS users are lucky because iMessage is there for them. The built-in security and the reality that you can see it across all of your devices, as well as high-quality photo transfer and stickers and emoticons, are all great features of iMessage. 

If you are already using iMessage, this article is perfect for exploring that application and trying new things! For more related articles like this,

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