List of Popular Places to visit in Milan

One of the more well-known and beautiful Italian cities to visit is Milan. To mention a few, it is crammed with promenade-style avenues, castles, and of course, the Duomo. All of this means that there are a ton of the best things to do in Milan once you get there, and you’ll have a ton of options for places to see when you there.

Now that we’ve traveled to Milan several times, we’ve been able to identify some of the most beautiful and historic locations in the city. It’s bigger than certain Italian cities, like Orvieto, for example, you see. You therefore need to have a general idea of what regions you’re going to explore when.

Oh, and remember to bring an umbrella, unlike the gorgeous locations in the southern part of Italy! In Milan, the weather can be quite erratic, and we were occasionally taken off guard by the rain.

Whatever the case, Milan is a fantastic city to explore and well worth a few days’ trip.

Castle Sforza

What to do in Milan to expand your timeĀ at The Sforza Castle? it is another famous Milan landmark, may be reached straight from the Piazza del Duomo by taking the Via Dante.

The city’s heart is where you may find this incredibly beautiful castle.

The illustrious Visconzi family constructed it in 1358 to safeguard and defend the city from its adversary, Venice. It is well-known for having housed Leonardo DaVinci workshops during the Renaissance era despite having been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times.

The castle now houses various museums, including

1. The Museum of Ancient Art, with numerous sculptures and Sforza family murals

2. The Milan Archaeological Museum’s prehistoric holdings. There, you can read about Lombardy’s history going back to the Neolithic.

3. Decorative arts museum including the creations of stonemasons, weavers, and upholsterers

4. The Egyptian Museum with its assortment of mummies and sarcophagi

5. The Pinacoteca del Castello Sforzesco, which has around 1500 pieces of art spanning the 13th to the 18th century

6. The International Musical Instruments Museum

7. The Museum of Old Furniture and Wooden Sculpture.

The large interior courtyard of the castle is free to visit. Cultural activities are regularly held there.

There was a celebration for the start of Game of Thrones season 7 while I was there. To broadcast episodes from previous seasons, they set up a central stage with a big screen. Also very well-liked were the restoration of the iron throne and the ice stalactite alteration of the fountain at the entryway. Winter is on its way!

You can stroll straight into Parco Sempione by crossing Sforza Castle.

National Science and Technology Museum named after Leonardo da Vinci

Since we’re talking about Leonardo da Vinci, you might be aware that Milan has devoted a sizable portion of its national science and technology museum to him (Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo Da Vinci). It’s a top tourist destination in Milan.

The museum, which is housed in a former monastery from the 16th century, features more than thirty scale models of Leonardo Da Vinci’s innovative creations, from measuring tools to war engines.

The portion of this enormous museum devoted to Leonardo da Vinci is minuscule. There are various floors where you can learn about transportation methods like aircraft, train, automotive, marine, space, communications, and many more. National Science and Technology Museum best tourist attractions in Milan.

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