Emoji Guide: 8 Perfect Emojis to Use This Summer

Summer is around the corner. After what seemed like a long winter, summer is finally making an appearance in various exciting and unique ways. For other people, summer is indeed the perfect season for trips, festivals, and concerts. Also, summer is a great time to travel and enjoy the great outdoors. A summer day or night is never dull. This season is also the perfect season to get along with your long-lost friends.

If summer is your favorite season, it may indicate that you like being outside and leading an active lifestyle. Share your summer love, hobbies, and adventures on social media by using summer-related emojis, such as the wave emoji and the hot face emoji. Summer’s energy is exciting, full, and rapid. So, here’s a list of emoticons you can use this summer.

1. Person Surfing

If you want to talk about your surfing experience or your upcoming surfing lesson, use the surfer emoji or the person surfing emoji. This emoji became a fully qualified emoji in 2010 as part of Unicode 6.0 and in 2015 as part of Emoji 1.0 under the name Surfer. Others use this icon in discussions about surfing, independence, and staying on the beach. 

The design of the emoji differs depending on the platform. Apple’s surfboard has a white color with stripes, while Twitter’s version is pale green, and the surfer is wearing a black wetsuit.

2. Beach With Umbrella

We cannot imagine summer without beach trips! If you are going to the beach with your family and friends, you should include the beach with umbrella emoji in your post. There is no better holiday spot than the beach. They often use this emoji while discussing ‌going on vacation, traveling to a beach resort, or hanging out at the beach. 

It may be used with the Desert Island emoji and other summer-related emojis to represent vacations by the sea or in exotic places. The Beach With Umbrella emoji’s appearance differs depending on the platform. Notably, Apple’s version leans to the left, whereas the others tilt to the right.

3. Smiling Face with Sunglasses

A stylish pair of sunglasses complete any summer outfit! The smiling face with sunglasses emoji depicts a happy face wearing black sunglasses to shield one’s eyes from the sun’s rays. TikTok users frequently used to imply a slang feeling of cool, and it may also convey a confident, carefree attitude or that something is good. 

However, throughout the summer, you may use this emoji to represent some of your fantastic events, badass deeds, or how they feel at the time. This emoji is also known as Sunglasses and Mutual Best Friends on Snapchat.

4. Person Swimming

Swimming is an excellent exercise for individuals of all ages and health levels. But let us agree that we usually swim in the summer to replenish our bodies, minds, and souls. Use the swimmer emoji to share your favorite summer hobby. The Person Swimming emoji depicts a swimmer in the ocean, a pool, or a similar body of water. 

The swimmer is facing the left side of the screen on all platforms. If you want to be more particular while sharing your post with this emoji, use it with the available genders and skin tones.

5. Bikini

Now is the moment to show off your summer body! Use the bikini emoji to show your summer-ready body to your online buddies. Other people sometimes use the Bikini emoji to discuss beaches, holidays, and swimming, and they often use it with the swimmer emoji, woman’s sandals emoji, and lotion bottle emoji. 

The bikini color may differ on specific platforms, so keep it. The Bikini emoji from Apple and Microsoft is pink, whereas the one from Facebook is orange with a little bow. Bathers and swimsuit emoji are other names for this emoji.

6. Crab

One of the best things about going to the beach is eating seafood! During the summer, most people use the crab emoji when they post on their foodstagram. Is there anybody who doesn’t like to eat seafood? People use this emoji to describe not just crabs but also seafood or a place, such as a restaurant that prepares seafood.

Others use it together with the lobster emoji, fish emoji, and shrimp emoji. It is red with huge claws, although orange on other platforms like Apple and Samsung. The crab emoji’s pincers have black tips on Facebook.

7. Dolphin

Snorkeling, beach hopping, and scuba diving are among the best activities during summer. It will be a remarkable one when you also find a dolphin. A dolphin is a sleek aquatic animal recognized for its friendly and intellectual behavior. This emoji is typically blue, but the dolphins on WhatsApp and Facebook are gray. They may use this emoji in any situation, including aquatic life, aquariums, natural beauties, etc.

However, most people use it when they encounter a dolphin or when they participate in such activities with a dolphin. Do the dolphin dance and share it on TikTok while you are on the beach using this icon. It is commonly used on social media by fans and sports sources to refer to the city of Miami, Florida, or the Miami Dolphins NFL team.

8. Watermelon

Watermelons arrive as a seasonal answer just when the heat is at its peak. Watermelon is an excellent summer fruit since it contains 90-92 percent water! This fruit has a famous connotation that it is a body-healing fruit. So, spread the word about your favorite tropical fruit online! This emoji is usually red, but some platforms display it in pink.

Aside from using the sun emoji to express how much you like being outside in the summer, this emoji may also ‌say how excited you are that it is finally feeling like the season. They do not use this emoji in non-direct contexts due to its simple look. They often use it in the context of healthy eating, holidays, and particularly summertime vacations.


Summer is a terrific time to unwind with friends and family by lazing on a beach or seeing the world’s natural wonders. Summer is a great time to go on vacation and enjoy the great outdoors. So save these emojis for the next time you go on a beach vacation, go swimming, or do other enjoyable summer activities. Which ones are your favorite summer-related emojis?

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