How to Build a Secure Mobile App

With even 99% of banking and finance apps failing to pass even the most basic security test, app security is in the spotlight. Still, you might be ready to build an app for your own company. So, how can you have the assurance you can build a secure mobile app while still making something useful?

This article will run you through some of the most important steps you can take to ensure any app you make is secure for its users. As you read each entry, check that you have steps in your app production cycle to focus on each one.

Threat Analysis

One of the first things you need to do to ensure mobile app security is to identify what potential vulnerabilities are likely to be. Is your app going to become a target of anyone and why? What do you offer a malicious user?

Start by mapping out the data flow diagram you will use for your application. You can then identify where in it different people might find vulnerabilities. Rank these in order of importance and try to identify how you can shore these up.

Use Strong Authentication

Some of the options people use to strengthen their app security these days include:

  • Implementing two-factor authentification
  • Install OAuth or OpenID Connect to connect users
  • Use session timeouts and ensure sessions are fully closed down
  • Ensure only authorised users have access to sensitive data
  • Use password systems that only allow strong passwords

Together, all these can help boost security without making it too hard for users to log in.

Update Your App

You are not only releasing an app once when you put a new application out, you are becoming responsible for it. As such, expect to need to update it whenever vulnerabilities become clear. If you do not, you might find yourself in legal trouble.

If you do not have time to either build or update the app, you can always contact Their expertise can help you get started without needing to know everything about app security yourself.

Use Secure Storage Methods

During app development, make sure to use encryption when saving any form of user data. If you do not, then any malicious user will have the ability to download data and use it straight away.

Also, avoid storing data that is not necessary. The less you have to store, the less there is to steal.

Follow Secure Coding Standards

As you develop an app you have the opportunity to follow secure coding standards.

Secure frameworks, such as OWASP, allow you to follow secure principles and keep your users safe with minimal effort.

Build a Secure Mobile App Today

With the above steps in mind, you should have the ability to build a secure mobile app that can withstand the test of time. Still, sometimes you might not have the time to take these extra steps and might need to get the app out fast. This is where we can save you.


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