4 of the Best Places to Find a Divorce Lawyer

Finding the best divorce lawyer in your area is crucial when you’re getting a divorce. You’ll want to come out of this divorce in the best shape possible, and having somebody well-practiced and trustworthy by your side will help you do so. There are several ways you can find a divorce lawyer who’s in excellent standing.

4 of the Best Places to Find a Divorce Lawyer

1. Online Through Doing Your Own Research

You should always trust your own judgment when you’re looking to hire an attorney. Doing research and finding a firm of divorce lawyers in Harris County, TX that you trust is highly recommended. Ideally, look for a firm that has a website full of useful information about divorce. This shows they very much know what they’re talking about. Then, when you contact the firm, they’ll put you in contact with one of their attorneys for a consultation.

The best thing about choosing a firm yourself and sticking to it is the selection of attorneys available. If you find you don’t get along well with one in the firm, then you can ask them to recommend a colleague instead.

2. Locally Through Word of Mouth Recommendations

Chances are high that somebody you know has gotten divorced. Asking them to recommend a divorce lawyer is a smart idea. You can also pair word-of-mouth recommendations with doing your own research: pick a firm, then ask your friends and family if they have any experience working with the attorneys within this firm. Ask who they’d recommend within the firm and ask how they felt when working with this lawyer.

3. The American Bar Association

If a lawyer is involved with the American Bar Association, then you automatically know they’re in good standing. It’s a voluntary association of law students and lawyers from all over the US, and there’s no particular jurisdiction that the lawyers and students are specific to.

If you’ve already chosen a lawyer through doing your own research or through word-of-mouth recommendations, then consider searching the American Bar Association website for the names of the attorneys you’re considering. Carefully scan the list of attorneys it gives you to see if any of the attorneys you already know of are listed on the site. It’s a good way to ensure the attorney is trustworthy.

4. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers is an organization that’s a little more specific to your situation. It’s a group of attorneys from all over the United States practicing family law. You can use the website to narrow down your search by city and state, so it’ll be a little easier to find a divorce attorney in your city or a nearby location.

Once again, you can also use this website to see if it’s affiliated with attorneys you already know of and are considering working with.

What’s the Best Way to Pick a Divorce Attorney?

1. Select a Firm

Never go with the first lawyer you find or the first lawyer somebody recommends you work with. You always need options, as you may not get along with every lawyer due to personality clashes or conflicts of interest. Selecting a firm will let you gain knowledge of all the attorneys working in that firm who could represent you. If you don’t get along with one attorney, then you can switch to working with another without having to research a different firm.

2. Interview Three Attorneys

It’s a good idea to consult at least three different attorneys before you decide who to work with. Some firms may only allow free consultations with a single attorney, but it’s worth paying for an hour of time with two more before you make a choice. Look for somebody with:

  • Excellent listening skills
  • Good communication skills
  • A history of helping people reach the goals you wish to reach in your divorce
  • A long career working on cases involving custody battles, division of assets, and other relevant factors


3. Read Client Testimonials

If a friend or family member recommended any of the attorneys you’re considering working with, then ask them for a testimonial. If you don’t know anybody who’s worked with these attorneys before, then ask the attorneys if you can read their client testimonials. A trustworthy lawyer will let you do so, as they know it’ll help you make the right choice when choosing whether or not to hire them.

Doing your own research, asking friends and family, and using one of the websites discussed above are the best ways to find a selection of divorce attorneys to work with. Ensure you take the steps to help you make the right choice about who to hire. Always work with someone with the right professional experience along with a personality you get along with.

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