The Complete Guide to pop-up Builder Tools and How They Can Help Grow Your Business & Improve Conversions

Pop-ups are a powerful means of influencing users since they help to focus attention on important stuff. With their help, you can collect a customer base, advertise a certain product or service, push people to a target action, conduct a survey or get feedback from customers, visitors, etc. Of course, if used in the wrong way, you can get the opposite effect.

When working with pop-ups, you need not only experience and knowledge in the field of marketing. It is very important to use the right pop-up builder that can be flexible enough to create the appropriate design. Below is our list of pop-up apps and software. Let’s dive in! 

#1. OptinMonster

Free version: No

Test period: 14 days moneyback

Paid version: from $9/month


OptinMonster is the most successful pop-up maker on the market. This is a very flexible tool that offers not only a template approach, but also complete freedom when working with the layout – you can involve a third-party designer and insert your HTML/CSS/JavaScript code into the form.

All possible pop-up formats, appearance effects, complex triggers, etc. are supported. Everyone can find what he needs. And all this without programming and diving into technical details. Plus, the builder seamlessly integrates with external services and the site itself (for example, there is support for WordPress shortcodes).

#2. Hello Bar

Free version: Yes

Test period: No

Paid version: from $24/month

Hello Bar has another universal integrated service designed not only for marketers, but also for webmasters. There is a panel for creating pop-ups with advanced settings, statistics and variable design. Many different window formats, visual designer, and impressive targeting settings. There is integration with mailing services, split testing.

The main advantage of Hello Bar is the ability to create different banners depending on the content of the page. For example, in a blog, you can display a window with a suggestion to subscribe to news, and in a store, show a panel with information about a discount using a promo code. dofollow backlinks

#3. Plerdy

Free version: Yes

Test period: 14 days

Paid version: from $23/month

This is a powerful service to increase traffic and boost sales. It offers several different products, including heatmap, daily SEO monitoring, and pop-ups. Smart pop-ups appear according to a given scenario, and their configuration doesn’t require programming and layout skills – the appearance and logic are set using visual editing tools.

To create various pop-up forms, the service offers templates. With their help, you can inform visitors about promotions and discounts, collect email addresses and phone numbers, and offer to place an order in 1 click. Plerdy provides access to a visual form builder, and also allows you to add your own banner (gif or picture) to display on the site.

#4. MailMunch

Free version: No

Test period: 60 days moneyback

Paid version: from $6.99/month

MailMunch is a complex project that, in addition to its own website builder, offers to create various forms to attract users and collect their contact information. You can place a subscription form in a pop-up window, insert it into a sidebar, pin it to the top of the site, and even create a full-fledged landing page for sharing it on social media and in advertising banners.

The service offers full control over the background, colors and fonts. All forms have an adaptive interface, so they look attractive on different screens. In the pop-up settings, you set the triggers for their appearance yourself in order to achieve maximum efficiency and not annoy users.

#5. Wisepops 

Free version: No

Test period: 14 days

Paid version: from $49/month

Wisepops is one of the most user-friendly pop-up apps for online stores. Whether you want to build your email list, collect reviews, recover abandoned carts, or share promotions, Wisepops has pop-ups to get the job done. With professional templates, 30+ visitor targeting options, and multiple integrations, you can speed up email list building and sales.

Why create pop-up?

Pop-ups have been and remain popular for 20 years now because they can actually convince your website visitors to take a targeted action.

In addition, the pop-up window helps the business to establish contact with the audience, and in the long term – to form a warm customer base and increase profits.

  • Collection of leads data

The pop-up consists of two parts: information or an offer for the client and a form in which users leave their email or phone number. Access to contacts helps businesses build communication with leads and move them through the sales funnel.

  • Informing clients

A pop-up window is used to announce new products, changes in the company, or a story about promotions and discounts. Clients don’t need to search for information on the site: they can immediately familiarize themselves with the offer and leave contacts for communication with the manager.

  • Keeping a visitor on the site

You can set up pop-ups to appear when the user closes the site. To interest and keep the visitor, the pop-up offers motivation: a discount, a free information product, or any other format. It is important that the offer is valuable.

  • Doing customer surveys

With the help of a pop-up, you can communicate with customers and learn about their attitude towards the company and its products. When organizing a survey, it is important to keep it small and understandable for each user.

  • Building a subscriber base

Pop-ups help collect visitor contacts, but pop-ups can be used to attract an audience to social networks and other sites, inviting users to subscribe to the newsletter.


Pop-up is a promising and useful business tool that allows you to quickly grow and improve conversions. But they must be used carefully so that site visitors see not annoying ads, but a pleasant addition. We hope the list of software will help you with this.

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