The 8 best ways to keep your TV streaming bill low in UK

In recent years the consumption of streaming services in the UK or internationally has seen a tremendous surge. Growing demand inevitably means growing competition.

Platforms like howtowatchinuk.co.uk, can be utilised by newbies to locate the best streaming services in the UK, given the fierce competition prevalent in the streaming sector.

With rising demand, streaming platforms are in a position to go heavy on their consumer’s pockets.

With the increasing living expense and overly priced streaming platforms, saving money in the contemporary age is becoming an illusion. Don’t you feel the same?

 If you have answered positively, grab a seat, and read through this assortment.

In this article, I have highlighted 8 ways by which you can cut down your streaming bills and retain a few dollars in your pocket.

8 ways to cut your streaming bills

1) Evaluate which subscriptions you can terminate.

Discontinue the subscription to the platform, you use the least and let it go. For instance, there is no point in sustaining an Apple TV + membership if you subscribed for it a year ago but already enjoyed all of its exclusive content. 

While it only corresponds to an $8 monthly savings, it’s a foundation. 

Remind yourself that you could still subscribe again once a new season kicks off.

2) Automate your binges.

The biggest feature of Netflix, HBO Max, and similar services is that you’re able to cancel your membership whenever it’s convenient for you and then continue once you’re comfortable, for instance when a personal favorite is back on the air.

 Numerous television series have an annual or lengthier lapse among seasons, allowing you to spend that time off and save costs.

One of the grounds I will not advocate annual subscriptions, even when there is a rebate offered for doing so, is due to this. When you avail of monthly subscriptions, you’ll save more bucks.

Implement a rotation strategy for substantial cost savings. You may choose only one platform, enjoy the whole of your favorite episodes there, unsubscribe, then switch to another subscription instead of subscribing to multiple services simultaneously. 

Netflix in May, Hulu in June, and Disney Plus in August are merely a few highlights.

3) Drop live TV (or employ an antenna).

A staggering $65 / month is expended on Tv Services. Hulu Plus Live Television charges $70. It will price you at a minimum of $35 for an “affordable” subscription as Sling. 

It is indeed time to consider extremely thoroughly terminating whatever streaming live television facilities you may certainly be overpaying for currently.

Contemplate it: How often live television do you bother watching? In case you’re an NFL tournament person, you can stream NFL Live matches via Prime Video or Paramount Plus.

While If you’re a news hound, a free version may fill in the holes. Multiple platforms, like ABC News Live, CBSN, and Pluto,  offer complimentary live news broadcasting.

 Or at the very least, consider choosing a less expensive alternative as Philo, which features approximately 60 stations at a more agreeable $25 monthly fee.

Lastly, contemplate putting up an antenna, to grab neighboring TV stations. Without extra devices, you won’t be able to record, but the airways won’t cost you anything.

4) Make use of trial offerings.

Practically every prominent streaming platform, apart from Netflix, offers a complimentary evaluation, so if you organize your streaming strategically, you might well be capable of consuming a few seasons without spending a penny.

 Simply ensure to set a cancellation reminder; else, you’ll be charged once the trial has ceased.

5) Employ inexpensive, basic subscriptions.

Nobody relishes viewing commercials, although if it entails saving some money, perhaps you should. For instance, Paramount Plus prices $10/ month for commercial-free watching but instead just $5 if you’re willing to put up with commercials.

 Furthermore, purchasing Hulu’s commercial tier might lead to a $7/ month.

Contemplate if you necessarily entail a  premium streaming package, particularly Netflix Premium, since it’s the only way to access 4K video content on that platform, as you consider the commercial. (Also it permits 4 concurrent streaming as opposed to merely 2.) 

For that luxury, you’re paying an extra $4.50 / month over its basic package.

 But here’s a little-known fact: 4K is utterly worthless if you stream on a tablet or phone most of the time. Furthermore, basic HD broadcasting looks incredible even when viewed on a big screen.

6) Shared Subscription.

Regarding passcode sharing, various streaming platforms employ varying standards, however, these restrictions can indeed be vague and tricky to enforce. 

Just to play demon’s attorney, is it really important whether all of the subscribers dwell in my house since I’m spending $20 for just a Netflix Premium package that includes 5 logins with streaming on up to four gadgets?

So perhaps you pay for Netflix while your friend pays for HULU’s subscription, and both of you share the same subscription. Isn’t it an optimal method of saving money?

7) Consider complimentary streaming platforms.

Have you seen The Iron Giant? Presently, Tubi is providing complimentary streaming of Brad Bird’s utterly charming debut animated movie. Ex Machina, a compelling science-fiction suspense novel? Kanopy provides free streaming of it. Adore The Rock? Enjoy Young Rock’s debut season at Freevee.

The fact is that there are multiple free streaming sources available, and a lot of them are hosts to some truly excellent television programs and feature films. 

You might, unfortunately, have to tolerate advertisements on the majority of them (Kanopy and Hoopla, which are subsidized through libraries, are the exceptional cases). Even free live news broadcasting is accessible to you.

8) Grab a cable cutter bank card.

Countless credit cards offer money back for various operations, but only a few also provide perks specifically for streaming.

 The American Express Blue Bank card, for illustration, grants 6% money back upon a multitude of streaming platforms, such as Amazon prime video, Disney Plus, and Netflix. Assuming you spend $40 / month for a plethora of services, you might save approximately $37 yearly.

While it isn’t sufficient to offset the $95 annual fee, the card’s additional cash rewards might be to your advantage.

Netflix, Sling tv, and Hulu are just a handful of streaming platforms that are qualifying for incentives while using specific Chase credit and debit cards. Check to see whether your present card offers additional streaming discounts.


In conclusion, the aforementioned tested ways can certainly save a few bucks in your wallet. Although there can be repercussions such as bearing with commercials, it’s an optimal alternative for enjoying the content on your favorite platform whilst going easy on your pocket.

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