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Mumbai: Two women who stole gold ornaments from passengers on express trains arrested

The Kalyan Government Railway Police (GRP) has arrested two women, accused of stealing gold ornaments and other valuables from passengers on express trains. The GRP said they had recovered valuables worth Rs 4.27 lakh in seven cases from the duo.
The arrested accused are Rekha Kamble, 43, and Roja Kamble, 22. The GRP arrested them in a theft case that took place on December 11 around 7.15 pm. The complainant, Sangita Domade, 42, a resident of Ulhasnagar, was boarding Tapovan Express from platform No 4 at Kalyan railway station when the two women opened the zip of her purse and stole the ornaments.

While going through the CCTV surveillance cameras, the police spotted the two women moving suspiciously and finally traced them to Chinchpokli on December 15. The police has recovered all the stolen valuables from them.
The two women are residents of Saatrasta and are natives of Karnataka. The police has also recovered some of the valuables which they have stolen in six other thefts.

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