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Revanth raises SC categorisation issue in Parliament

Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) president and Lok Sabha member A. Revanth Reddy demanded that the Centre amend the Constitution to sub-categorise Scheduled Castes into groups.Raising the matter under Rule 377 in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, Mr. Revanth Reddy said that the reservation policy without special protection to most backward castes within Scheduled Castes was creating new inequalities in terms of education and employment. “The Dalit movement in Telugu States has been divided into groups along the lines of new inequities. The shared list of Scheduled Castes, both advanced and backward, is establishing new disparities and setting the groundwork for division within Scheduled Castes,” he said.Mr. Revanth Reddy pointed out that today in every village, it was increasingly seen that the Madigas, Rellis and Mehtars were in juxtaposition to Malas and Adi-Andhra. “According to the Justice (Retired) Usha Mehra Commission, 22 of the 59 Scheduled Castes in Telugu States have seen no progress. Backward groups within SCs, such as the Madigas, Rellis, and Mehtars, are the most backward within SCs in Telugu States. All the committees and commissions formed to investigate different concerns relating to application of reservations to scheduled castes suggested that special reservations be granted to the most backward scheduled castes within SCs,” he said and urged the Centre to sub-categorize the Scheduled Castes into groups and allow the State Governments to distribute reservation benefits in order to provide equitable social justice in the word and spirit of the Constitution.

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