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Keith Kellogg advises Ukraine on who to ask for weapons: ‘Go to Bulgaria, Slovokia and Greece’

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Retired Gen. Keith Kellogg joined “Jesse Watters Primetime” on Monday to offer his latest analysis of Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine.Kellogg, formerly the national security advisor to Vice President Mike Pence, remarked that if the West won’t let Ukraine have additional MiG fighter jets to fend off Kremlin attackers, they should seek projectile-based help from certain NATO-member countries.RUSSIA INVADES UKRAINE: LIVE UPDATESThe general said two Balkan countries, Greece and Bulgaria, along with fellow NATO member Slovakia, all have S300 missile technology that itself was originally designed by Moscow.
Gen. Keith Kellogg, Ret., 
(Fox News)”The thing they should do is go to Bulgaria, Slovakia and Greece, which are three NATO nations, and they’ve got a system called the S300, which is a Russian system that shoots down ballistic missiles and anti-aircraft [projectiles] as well, and put it around those point-targets and defend it,” he said.Kellogg said the S300 has the “slant range” to accurately strike up to eight targets at a distance between Richmond and Washington, DC, a straight line of about 105 miles.”It’d be kind of nice to have a Russian system shoot down a Russian aircraft,” he said.
President Joe Biden speaks at the National League of Cities Congressional City Conference, Monday, March 14, 2022, in Washington. 
(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)Kellogg said Putin’s new missile strikes within a dozen miles of the Polish border – and therefore the NATO boundary – are construed as the ex-KGB agent attempting to destroy eastbound supply lines to besieged Ukrainian cities.”He’s trying to shut down the supply lines and the airfields that are in the western part of Ukraine. That’s the reason why no-fly-zones are not going to go. But that’s why a no-fly-zone would be good, then that’s why the MiGs would have been good because the 29 MiGs the Polish Air Force wanted to give to Ukrainians, those are good fourth-generation fighters.”CLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP
Presidents Biden and Putin
(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images |   Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)”The MiG29 is a great airplane that would have increased our capacity,” he said.Kellogg went on to separately lament that the Biden administration’s track record is however one that is “reactive in nature,” which has not served them well in this conflict.

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