Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Biden should be addressing the country on the border crisis

Dan Patrick, the lieutenant governor of Texas, told Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” Monday that President Biden ought to approach the crisis playing out on the southern border in the same forum he designated to address the American people on the omicron variant.BORDER AGENT SLAMS BIDEN’S ‘POLITICAL STUNT’ VAX MANDATE, SAYS IT WILL MAKE BORDER CRISIS WORSEDAN PATRICK: “Jason [Chaffetz, the guest host], they [the Biden administration] would be lying to say that [the border is not a crisis] or clueless, and I don’t believe they’re clueless. This is a plan that they set about to let millions of people invade our country. They don’t care who they are, including terrorists. You know, tomorrow night the president’s going to address the nation on omicron, what he should be addressing the nation is on an issue as serious as the border.”WATCH THE FULL VIDEO BELOW

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