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Zelenskyy predicts Ukraine victory; Russia-based cyberattacks well tested, expert says

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ZELENSKYY PREDICTS VICTORY – In an address early Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy predicted victory over Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces in Ukraine and offered Russian troops a “chance to survive” by surrendering. Continue reading …RUSSIAN CYBERATTACKS – Russian-based cyberattacks against U.S. targets have been well tested, a cybersecurity executive told Fox News Digital. Continue reading …CLIMATE COUP- World leaders have accused Russia of funding environmental groups in Europe to steer nations away from energy independence. Continue reading …DATTALIION – Women-led “data battallion” aims to document Russia’s invasion using civilian videos. Continue reading …AIRLINE SEIZURE – Vladimir Putin signed a law Monday allowing Russian airlines to seize foreign-owned airplanes so they can be re-deployed for domestic flights. Continue reading … 


CALLS REBUFFED – President Biden was rebuffed in calls with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and UAE’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Continue reading …HIGH-STAKES FUNDRAISING – The Democratic National Committee reportedly pulled in more than $14 million last month despite sagging poll numbers. Continue reading …IDAHO ABORTION LAW – The Idaho House passed a bill banning abortions after six weeks and allowing family members to sue any doctor who performs one. Continue reading …‘THIS IS INSANE’ – Retired Marine Col. Mitchell Swan, a Republican candidate for Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, released a video ad Tuesday opposing President Biden’s “woke” focus in the military amid Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Continue reading …RELEASE QUESTIONED – House Republicans are investigating why, in August 2021, the United States released a Russian cyber criminal early from federal custody. Continue reading …


NYT CRITICIZED – The New York Times was criticized for publishing an essay by the head of a Communist China-linked think tank without disclosing his affiliation. Continue reading …TULSI VS. MITT – Tulsi Gabbard responded to Sen. Mitt Romney calling her commentary on biolabs in Ukraine “treasonous lies.” Continue reading …1ST AMENDMENT – The Miami Herald Capitol bureau chief was accused of misunderstanding the Constitution after saying Floridians’ First Amendment rights are under attack. Continue reading …CRITICS BLASTED – The Hill was slammed by critics for using the phrase “Republicans seize” to describe party efforts to criticize President Biden, Democrats over gas costs. Continue reading …GOP ‘BIGOTS’ – MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart appeared to call rising state GOP leaders bigots for bills targeting progressive issues. Continue reading …


TOM COTTON – Poland MiG fiasco reveals President Biden’s timid leadership in Ukraine. Continue reading …GREG GUTFELD – The war in Ukraine is an ugly, bloody thing. It’s also a war between competing narratives. Continue reading …JONATHAN TURLEY – In World War II, Winston Churchill famously declared, “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” Continue reading …REBECCA GRANT – Vladimir Putin’s strategy is “escalation without an endgame,” the White House said Friday. Don’t you believe it. Continue reading …REP. STEVE SCALISE – Last summer, Vladimir Putin and the world watched President Biden’s embarrassing withdrawal from Afghanistan. Continue reading … 


FED RATE HIKE? – The Federal Reserve is expected to begin raising interest rates this week for the first time in three years. Continue reading …FASHION DESIGNERS – The biggest fashion tastemakers are making bold statements from their words to changes in their business operations to condemn the Ukraine war. Continue reading …MARCH MADNESS PSYCHOLOGY – Each year the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament features an underdog team that upsets a powerhouse school, gaining national attention. Continue reading …A MOM’S JOURNEY – An adoptive Kentucky mom has made the journey from the U.S. to Ukraine to try to get her daughter-to-be out of Ukraine. Continue reading …CHEERING ON THE G.O.A.T. – Bridget Moynahan is cheering on her ex Tom Brady as he returns to the NFL after a 40-day retirement. Continue reading …


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“There is no president in our lifetime weaker than Joe Biden. With the world crumbling around him after major failures at home and abroad, Joe, of course, he’s not taking any responsibility.” 






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