Different Water Sports and Their Health Benefits


Being fit has never been more fun. With the invention of different water sports equipment, you can work out and have fun at the same time, especially if you are a water lover. However, water activities can be dangerous if the equipment is not up to standard. It is also advisable that these kinds of sports be carried out under supervision to prevent serious accidents such as drowning. We are going to discuss some of the most common water sports and how they are of benefit to your health.

7 Types of Water Sports


In addition to having fun and keeping fit, water sports have become a major source of income for many participants. We have seen water sports competitions that go up to the Olympics level. These kinds of sports are also a major source of relaxation and are very refreshing, especially we use  longsleeve wetsuits during the hot summer heat.

Jet Skiing

This is one of the most popular water sports. A jet ski is ridden like a motorcycle on the surface of the water. They are very powerful and fast. Different types of industrial valves are used on jet skis to prevent water leaks which can be very dangerous when jet skiing. It is advisable that you wear safety gear while participating in this sport, especially on deep waters. This ensures your safety in case of any accidents.


Many would dispute this as a sport, but nonetheless, it is a water activity that we cannot fail to mention in this piece. Fishing is relaxing, refreshing and who doesn’t like a fresh meal straight from the sea. This is fun, especially if you live on the waterfront. You can relax on your plastic floating dock in the evening and enjoy some fun fishing time as you watch the sunset.

Whitewater Rafting

This is whereby you use an inflatable raft and paddles to navigate through a water body. This is an exciting water activity, but you have to know how to swim to participate in this activity as there is the risk of being splashed out of your raft by the huge channels of water. Rafters race against each other to see who gets to the other side of the river first.

Boat Racing

This is a fun activity and is a good way to unwind with your buddies during the summer holidays. However, ensure that you are safe and have a lifeguard on board. Boat racing originated in Great Britain and has been in existence for over a century. The most common type of boat racing is rowing and yachting.

Scuba Diving

This is a sport that involves swimming underwater using a scuba. Scuba dividers wear breathing equipment that helps them breathe underwater. It is a thrilling activity as you are able to experience the magic that is underwater—swimming with the dolphins and other ocean creatures. There are diving experts who monitor scuba divers to ensure that they are safe under the water.


By the use of a surfboard, a surfer rides the waves in the ocean while maintaining their balance and posture. Surfing is a famous water sport and is one of the major competitions in the Olympics. Surfing is an ocean water sport as you require strong waves to surf. The most appropriate times to surf are early mornings and late evenings. 





You cannot mention water activity without thinking about swimming. Swimming competitions are the most common water sports and are very exciting to watch. You do not have to be a professional swimmer to enjoy this activity. Going for a swim is one of the best ways to spend a weekend with friends and family. Swimming is an essential skill if you intend to participate in any of the other water sports. 

Health Benefits of These Activities



In addition to the fun and exhilarating experiences, water sports are also good for your health. There are general health benefits, both physical and mental, that come from participating in these activities, which include;

  • Enhances your mental health: Water sports allow relaxation, which in turn improves your mental health. Activities such as swimming reduce stress levels and can greatly improve your sleep patterns and help you manage your anxiety.
  • Helps burn calories: These activities are a form of exercise that works to help you burn calories and stay in shape. This, in turn, reduces the risks of chronic diseases resulting from obesity, such as diabetes and heart diseases.
  • Improves bone structure: Activities such as swimming and surfing are great for your body. They increase your bone density and improve your physical strength. This reduces your chances of suffering from conditions such as arthritis.


The next time you are planning your summer vacation, do not forget to include water sports as part of your activities. These activities are even more exciting when done together with family and friends. However, safety should be a major priority when participating in water activities. Parents should ensure kids’ safety by keeping a close eye on them around water bodies. It is advisable to start training kids to swim at an early age so they can also get a chance to participate in these fun water sports.


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