Sumona Chakravarti Net Worth, Career, and All You Need to Know

The bong and bubbly Sumona Chakravarti has been a part of Indian television serials for over two decades. While we have seen her in plenty of movies and serials, her claim to fame happened post Bade Ache Lagte Hai in 2011. Today I will share everything you need about Sumona Chakravarti net worth, family, married life, movies, TV shows, and more.

Who is Sumona Chakravarti?

Being born on June 24, 1988, Sumona Chakravarti age is 34. She is turning 35 this month and will soon complete her silver jubilee in the entertainment industry.

The early life of Sumona was spent in Lucknow, but in 1997 her parents moved to Mumbai. Little did she know that she would be starring alongside Aamir Khan within two years. Her early schooling days happened at Red Hill School in Lucknow. She passed college from Jai Hind in Mumbai by taking up a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics

Sumona Chakravarti is an Indian entertainer who plays the role of an actor, comic, and travel guide. She dedicated her life to these artistic skills to keep the Indian audience asking for more.

Sumona Chakravarti Net Worth

Here is a quick sneak-peak into her bio:

Name Sumona Chakravarti
Profession Actress, Model, Comedian, and Anchor
DOB June 24, 1988
Age 34
Height 5 feet 2 inches (1.58 meters)
Weight 50 kg (110 lbs)
Measurement 34-28-34
Birth Place Lucknow
Debut Film Mann (1999)
Debut Serial Kasamh Se (2007)

Sumona Chakravarti Movies and Tv Shows

Sumona Chakravarti started her career as a child artist at 10. She was a part of the 1999 movie Mann starring Manisha Koirala and Aamir Khan as leads. Between 2006 and 2009, Sumona was a part of the famous Ekta Kapoor serial Kasamh Se. The serial had Ram Kapoor and Prachi Desai as leads.

In 2011, she was a part of the Sakshi Tanwar and Ram Kapoor starrer Bade Achhe Lagte Hai. The serial and her role as Natasha gave her recognition and made her face prominent across television.

Between 2014 and 2017, Sumona starred in the Nia Sharma, and Ravi Dubey starred in Jamai Raja. During this time, she also became a part of The Kapil Sharma Show, and there was no looking back.

Sumona was part of a Swiss Made Adventures and Dubai Diaries travel show backed by NDTV. It allowed her to explore places like Dubai and Switzerland and share experiences to guide travelers.

On the comedy reality show, Sumona Chakravarti plays the on-stage wife of Kapil Sharma. The banter between the actors as husband and wife keep people hooked to their screens.

Movies Mann (1997)

Aakhri Decision (2010)

Barfi (2012)

Sonic (2013)

Kick (2014)

Phir se… (2015)

The Relationship Agreement (2019)

Dream Girl (2019)

TV Shows Kasamh Se (2006-09)

Khotey Sikkey (2011)

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain (2011-14)

Ek Thhi Naayka (2013)

Yeh Hai Aashiqui (2013-16)

Comedy Nights with Kapil (2013-16)

The Kapil Sharma Show (2016)

Kahani Comedy Circus Ki

Jamai Raja (2014-17)

Dev (2017-18)

Savdhaan India (2012-2021)

Travel Shows Swiss Made Adventures (2016)

Dubai Diaries (2016)

Shonar Bangla (2022)

Sumona Chakravarti net worth

Sumona Chakravarti net worth in 2023 is more than $11 million. According to India Rupees, she is worth more than 90 crores. Being in the industry for almost 25 years, Sumona has grown these massive numbers through appearances in comedy shows and side characters in serials.

Comedy Nights with Kapil and The Kapil Sharma Show have generated immense wealth for her in recent years. We have also seen more of her on these reality shows than in serials.

Sumona also has a great social media reach. With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, Sumona signs brand collaborations contributing to her valuation. Over the past year, Garnier, Coke Studio Bangla, and 7Up are some of the Instagram brand collaborations that Sumona has done.

Since she is Bengali, she works for both Bengali and Hindi film and TV industries, allowing her to have more opportunities.

Sumona’s assets are worth in crores, as quoted by The actor owns properties, multiple cars, and garage spaces. She owns a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Range Rover, and BMW 7-series.

Sumona Chakravarti net worth 2023 $11 million
Sumona Chakravarti net worth 2022 $10.5 million
Sumona Chakravarti net worth 2021 $9 million

Sumona Chakravarti family

She was born into a Bengali family. Her father, Sujeet Charkravarti, is based in Sri Lanka for work. Sumona Chakravarti’s mother, Shikha Singh, is a homemaker. She also has a brother named Shivargha Chakravarti. Her sibling is a famous chef.

Is Sumona Chakravarti married?

Sumona Chakravarti is unmarried and does not intend to get married anytime soon. However, there have been rumors in 2014 and links with other co-actors that suggest past relationships.

For instance, Gaurav Chopra and Sumona Chakravarti were once linked together. But the duo denied the rumors.

When asked by the media, Sumona said she is good friends with male actors working on the silver screen. She took the names of Ram Kapoor and Jai Karla among them. However, these two were rumored to be together since they were married and Gaurav wasn’t.

Gaurav Chopra was also asked if something was going on between them. But he clarified that they were very good friends and got to meet due to work and other related engagements. At that time, Gaurav had also agreed that he was seeing someone, and it wasn’t Sumona. Later in 2018, Gaurav married Hitisha Cheranda, while Sumona was seen with someone else.

Bengali actor Samrat Mukherjee and Sumona were also rumored to be dating. The actor is a cousin of Kajol and Rani Mukherjee, and his age difference with Sumona is 11 years. The media suggested that the duo got married in 2016, but nothing was officially disclosed.

In 2022, Sumona shared several images on Instagram with a man named Dushyant Singh. The cozy images sparked questions about her new relationship. However, nothing of that sort has been confirmed, and no wedding bells are ringing yet!

Sumona Chakravarti Net Worth

What happened to Sumona’s health?

Sumona once shared that in 2011 she faced endometriosis. It is a disease where a lining starts growing outside of the uterus. It disrupts the menstrual cycle and causes pain in the pelvis. Women find it hard to conceive with such a condition. It can happen to a woman at any time during their menstrual cycle and last till menopause.

Sumona also revealed that the lockdown was hard on her as she could not be as physically active as she wanted. Her Instagram profile has a lot of workout reels right now. She is slowly getting back to her healthy lifestyle.

Awards and Accolades

Sumona and team Kapil Sharma received an award in 2014 for the Best Ensemble Cast. She was twice nominated as the best actress, once for Comedy Nights with Kapil and once for The Kapil Sharma Show.

Interesting facts

Here are some facts you did not know about Sumona:

  • Sumona used to be a smoker and used Instagram to admit that she quit after she visited Turkey.
  • The actress does drink alcohol sometimes, but she is a health enthusiast and tries to maintain fitness.
  • Sumona loves dogs and has two pets Rooney and Bubbles. Rooney left the world, but Bubbles is still with her.
  • With her massive screen presence across decades, Sumona made great friends in Bollywood, including Ram Kapoor, Gaurav Chopra, Tarana Raja, Urvashi Dholakia, and more.
  • Sumona loves tattoos and has two on her body, one at the back and one on her leg.
  • The actress loves watching Hollywood series like The Game of Thrones and House of Cards.
  • Being a Bengali and a non-vegetarian, she loves to eat fish and butter garlic prawns is her favorite.
  • Sumona likes Chinese and Italian cuisines after home-cooked Bengali meals.
  • The actress looks up to Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, and Sushmita Sen.
  • Sumona has also done stage shows like Da Dating Truths in 2009.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Sumona Chakravarti related to Kajol?

Samrat Mukherjee is the cousin of Kajol and Rani Mukherjee. Since he was linked with Sumona, she would be related to famous Bollywood actresses. However, Sumona denied all such claims unrelated to Mukherjee.

2. Why did Sumona leave Kapil Sharma?

Sumona was interested in taking on a new project from Zee Zest. It is a travel and lifestyle channel that lets Sumona experience cultures, locations, food, and many more exciting things.

3. Did Sumona quit The Kapil Sharma Show?

She is currently balancing the comedy show with other projects. She doesn’t feel like quitting a show that gave her a massive identity and enhanced her net worth.

Final thoughts

Sumona Chakravarti has shown us that it is possible for people to come from outside of the industry and make it big. She had no connections in Bollywood, but she still played in movies like Kick alongside Salman Khan and was a child actor in an Aamir Khan starrer.

Sumona is a bold woman who has her heart on her sleeves. She is also a religious lady and we see her doing puja many times through social media posts. If you want to know anything more about her, add a comment and we will find the answer for you!

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