Age Of Wonders 4

Age Of Wonders 4

There are many amazing games all over the world. It is hard to imagine that someone can’t find something for themselves. Anytime you get bored you can always chill, rest, talk, and chat in the games. Also, you can test your luck with 22Bet. We are going to talk today about Age of Wonders 4. Play fair and have fun! 

About The Game

     Age of Wonders is an old and respected fantasy strategy series that had just one fatal flaw. It was not lucky enough to be born in the very multiverse where this subgenre was occupied by the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise. Fighting “Heroes” in their heyday was a real suicide, so Age of Wonders had to prudently crawl into a corner where niche titles huddle. It eventually acquires the status of a “cult”, but does not gain much popularity.

      However, over the years the situation has changed. “Heroes” managed not only to self-destruct. But it also sank almost all the studios that have ever released games in this series. But the modest Triumph Studios continued to slowly cut their titles and somehow suddenly turned out to be almost the only hope for the revival of a whole subgenre.

    So let’s find out if Age of Wonders 4 will be able to take the empty Throne of the King of Fantasy Turn-Based Strategy or if the game is not strong enough for such a feat.

What We Had Never Had Before

     The main trump card of the new Age of Wonders is a deep customization of everything and everything. The developers never tire of reminding you about every promotional material. For fans of strategies and role-playing games, we have prepared a real buffet. From which you can take whatever your heart desires. Instead of pre-prepared races, there are blanks. There, before any game, you create a unique faction to your personal taste.

      Plenty of combinations. First, choose one of the ten races. We are talking only about the appearance of your wards. Then there are two racial bonuses from two lists of fourteen pieces each. Throw one of the six cultures and two of the eighteen social traits into your melting pot of people. Then season with one of the twelve magic books. And the icing on the cake is two available archetypes for your hero.


      With the gameplay, everything is fine. The initial stages of the game, are when you run with a single army around the map, explore the world, fight with small units, and visit various tombs. And at every step get into mini-quests with choices of various options, evoke pleasant memories of the classic “Heroes” or the legendary Disciples 2, and are the best part of Age of Wonders 4. Because over time, the spirit of adventure disappears. You plunge into the routine of construction, diplomacy, and war.

     The development of cities here looks like a simplified version of Civilization. Although it also could not do without unique chips. The developers, for example, have allocated separate recruitment points from production, so now you can build houses and create troops at the same time.

       As a result, we got a very suitable fantasy-strategic analog of LEGO. Age of Wonders 4 is a pleasure to play. And thanks to extensive customization, each game turned out to be unique in a good way and posed different challenges. Everyone will find something for themselves. Enjoy playing! 


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